Story Series

VIOLATION OF A GOOD MAN || Episode 3 & 4

Written by Paulina Barnabas


My heart kept missing a beat when I foresaw the kind of pain and anguish I will pass through if unfortunately, the policemen tortures me with a hot electric iron.
I felt like vanishing into thin air and my heart kept pounding heavily.

“Is this how Nkechi will put my life to an end?” I said staring hopelessly on the roof with tears free-flowing from my eyes.

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The floor was full of tears that looked like steam. The bruises on my body were much new – the pains were really insufferable.

I couldn’t lay on the mat in the cell.

I sat down on my floor sobbing and I did not know when I slept off.

At dawn, I was still in my slumber when I heard a policeman yelling close to the cell portal. His voice sounded like the one that blurted at me yestertide.

“Wake up you larcener and homicider,” he said in a high tone.

My heart was in my mouth and I woke up immediately like a man who had a nightmare.
“You’re just sleeping at the switch,” He said with a voice that sounded like a rumble of thunder. ” Your body will explicate to you soon” he added.

I started shivering instantly. “Someone is looking for you” the policeman uttered while opening the cell portal locked with a chain.

I was afraid of my shadow and I hastened out of the cell to espy who visited me.

Lo and behold, it was Ekene, the son of the woman that was looking after my mother.

He was twenty years old and he had just graduated from secondary school.

He stared at me with his countenance grim and dreary. I was frozen with thoughts; “what might have happened”.

Ekene sat on the stool staring at me in the eyes. Tears dropped down his cheeks and he disclosed to me that Mama had been locked in the dungeon of the Grim Reaper – mama had díed.

“Chai! Chai!” I howled rolling on the ground –I didn’t care if I had been injured.

” Mama strived relentlessly for me, she suffered for me but still I failed her” I screamed.

Pity welled up the heart of the policewoman in the scene as I saw her eyes swollen.

Ekene held me up but I dashed to the ground.

Three policemen came and dragged me to the cell-like they wanted to eat me alive– they handcuffed and blindfolded me.

I was like a cat on hot bricks when I heard a sound of a switch. The policemen didn’t utter any word – they were murmuring.

Instantly, they hit a hot iron on my cheek and removed it immediately – it carried out some flesh from my left cheek.

I groaned throatily like a man who gurgled in water with a heavy stone slung around his neck.

“Please officers, please” I blubbered as though I was succumbing.

They had no mercy upon me as they stroked the iron again with fury on my back continuously.

“I did not kíll Tony!” I kept shouting but they turned deaf ears.

Being dead was better than passing through such agony.

I wanted to hinder them from inflicting more pain on me but my hands were handcuffed.

“I wish I could díe through this and rest forever” I muttered as if that was my last words.


My heart became weary and I wanted to push up the daisies when they shackled my wrist, torturing me with an electric iron.

My visage was very tubby and swollen.
My back was very hot on me with sweat like substance flowing effusively from it.

It was a brush with death and they didn’t stop hitting me with the electric iron until another police officer came in.

“It’s okay, you’ll do this again in the evening,” He said as though he was long in the tooth.

The policemen were disappointed and one of them looked at me with contempt as he was freeing my chained wrists.

They all left with foam at their mouth.

Bruises were all over my body and I was laying with my stomach on the ground.

Shedding of tears was now my avocation as I wept continuously.

I was subjected to hopelessness and desperateness.

“I can’t believe Nkechi and my daughter would do all these to me,” I said in my mind melancholy.

I loved her so much and I didn’t think my life would be complete without her.

Later that day, I eavesdropped on the police officers discussing surreptitiously. It was on a hot afternoon and the cell was really hot as héll

“The CSP said that there is no need to charge him to court, he’ll be hung by hangmen in the evening,” one of them said.

“Yes! no one had come to bail him, at a large amount of money is handed over to the CSP, he would release the young man” the other one uttered.

I was so perplexed and bummed out at the same time. “So these people do indulge in bribery and unconstrained offenders?” I asked myself folding my hands in stunningly.” well I am not an offender”.

Immediately, one of the officers served me a sumptuous meal with smiles filled on his face.

I started eating instantly like a horse and I ate until I was full – the chicken was yummy.

I believed that that was my last meal because deáth was calling. I could scent it and to dîe for me is better than to continue suffering.

The Grim Reaper was knocking insistently and I would answer it without hesitation. Kindly hi kwaku on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters. Life is full of pain and distresses and I couldn’t wait to close my eyes for the last time so that all the sufferings will cease.

At 5.00 pm that day, I was laying down cogitating though my eyes were closed. I felt a tap on my legs, “Hey stand up” a policeman on a mask roared.

I stood up immediately and saw other policemen.

They dragged me out and instantaneously, I saw the managing director that interviewed me the other day at the scene – the lady that tried to seducé me

I turned back and stared at her with tears pouring down my cheeks. She was indeed touched – her reaction showed it clearly.

I was pushed out of her sight to a dungeon where I would stay before hanging the next day.

When I got there, my eyes couldn’t explicate what I saw. I saw over thirteen vibrant young men chained together waiting for the next day.

My heart murmured when I saw them. Some of these guys were accused of a críme while some committed múrder.

All their eyes were on me and they looked beleaguered. The giant-like police officer fettered me with them and left.

“What’s your name?” One of them asked as though energy had left his body the way juice leaves the pulp of a devoured orange!.

“My name is Mezuo” I replied.

“What brought you here?” He queried me again with a loud voice.

“My wife accused me of assássinating my best friend Tony!” I retorted.

“Oh! Tony, that fat guy” he responded while smiling ” I am the one who kílled him, he married my girlfriend whom I laboured so many years for” he shouted.

I was dumbstruck and my heart sank into the pit of my belly.

To be continued
Benjamin Sunday Akans Jonathan


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