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VIOLATION OF A GOOD MAN || Episode 1 & 2

Written by Paulina Barnabas


The year was 2012. I was forty years old. I had a beautiful wife and a daughter. That year did not start well for me because I lost my job because of my mistakes –my wife made me make those grievous mistakes.

My wife was a bank manager and my daughter was a student at the University of Nsukka Enugu State.

We were living in peace and happiness until I got sacked.

When I got sacked, things became unbearable for me. I couldn’t provide the needs of my family sufficiently.
Nkechi, my wife was very harsh and acerbic towards me. She would always castigate me to her satisfaction and I would usually be down in the mouth because she was now the breadwinner of the family.

“You’ve failed as a man” she would always say with a loud voice.

I wouldn’t have the zeal to reply and I would just breathe heavily looking up to God to change my situation.

At dusk, she wouldn’t let me touch her. I stayed up to eight months without making love to her – I was really mâsturbating

One day, I left the house after the cock had crewed. I promised myself that I must get another paid job that very day.

I summited my CV to different companies and all except one said that they will call me to be interviewed.

The last company I summited my CV, a woman was the Managing Director. She went through my CV and was wowed.

I was elated in the heart as I thought she would give me the job because of her expression –but my thoughts were wrong.

She came towards me caressing my neck with her hands and I stopped dead in tracks when she kíssed my neck.

“Stop it” I roared and bashed out like a bat out of hèll.

I was frozen with thoughts and getting to the gate, the gateman gave me a card that her madam said that I should call her when I get home.

I collected the card from him and headed home in the scorching hot sun. Kindly hi kwaku ome on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories. Arteries showed up on my countenance due to the sun that had heated me.

My legs were really heavy on me and I was walking sluggishly

I got home and unfortunately, the gate was locked with a new key. My heart was full of rage and fear because I needed to freshen up as I was sweating like a Christmas goat.

I sat on the pillar beside the gate waiting for Nkechi to come back –I had no money to cool off in an eatery or a beer parlour.

I sat on the pillar for more than seven hours waiting and surely, I will vent my spleen on them

At 8:00 pm, my wife drove in with her car carrying my daughter in it and I cautioned my wife immediately and she started insulting me as usual.

I gave her an sláp– something I haven’t done before. Nkechi screamed and started making calls immediately.

Forthwith, the police came and got me arrested.

They tore my shirt and handcuffed me on a rod in the cell.

“Ah! Ah!” I blubbered as they kept brútalizing me with whips and unfortunately,I passed out.


I was crying my eyes out when the policemen were bashing my back with the thick whip. My heart gave me a big thump and faeces wanted to discharge by themselves.

I passed out as I thought I had met my doom.

“This man has died” one of the policemen uttered.

“No, he is just camouflaging” the other policeman replied.

I kept listening consciously to what they were saying. My body was paining me so hard and I felt like passing away.

“Let’s leave him for now, we will come back later” one of the policemen who seemed to be their head man said.

They obeyed his instructions and all of them left.

A few hours later, I woke up and the cell was gloomy and full of darkness. I couldn’t see anything and I was the only one in the cell– no one to interact with.

I was so famished and my stomach was grumbling as though it needed good food.

It was arching me and I couldn’t lay on the ground because my body was full of bruises.

Instantly, I pondered out how my mother who was in the village suffering was fairing.

She was incapacitated by a stroke of apoplexy and needed some medications.

She was being taken care of by her neighbours and my wife didn’t care if she had departed or still breathing.

I knew the pain she passed through and trained me in the University.

When Papa kicked the bucket, life became miserable for us, she laboured and face so many depressing challenges.

My uncles were very wícked but my mother as a strong woman who was zealous and bold stood out for me.

This was the time for her to reap the fruit she had sowed but unfortunately, things weren’t going well with me.

I broke out in cold sweat and started weeping. Tears were pouring down like rain on my face and my mouth was shaking.

“Why would my wife put me in this condition?” I muttered in grief. “I married her with my hard-earned money and she had turned out to be a foe to me” I added as I wiped the tears that were rushing down my cheeks.

“I pray mama doesn’t díe,” I said in my mind.

While I was cogitating about this, a policeman came and turned on the light in the cell.

He told me some allegations my wife levelled against me.

“You’re a criminal and an assàssin,” the policeman said with a loud tone.

“You assássinated one Mr Tony, your wife told us” the policeman added.

Tony was my good friend who was assássinated on his way to work.

“No! I didn’t do such a thing” I roared painfully.

“You’ll be tortured with an electric iron, then, you’ll speak the truth,” The policeman said and left.

My blood run cold and I envisioned the pain I was going to pass through the following day.

More tears emerged in my eyes and I lost for words as I didn’t know what to say.

To be continued…

© Paulina Barnabas

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