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We all want to live a happy life, below are some Secrets of a happy life

  • Celebrate good things and good things will come to you
  • When you envy people you cannot live beyond their level
  • You cannot be better than the way you wish others to be
  • You cannot get success if you can’t bear to see others succeeding
  • Don’t try to hinder anyone if you want to move on
  • The best way to help yourself is to help others
  • The best way to get the best of yourself is to help others get the best of their self
  • Love people not because you want them to love you but love people because you truly have value for humanity
  • Don’t give to people because you are hoping to get a favour from them
  • It is not respect to respect people because of what you know they can do for you but respect because you have respect for humanity
  • Stop causing pain for people. Be a person who bring joy and happiness to people
  • Be a light to the people around you. Don’t condemn people because of their helplessness, pray for them
  • Don’t neglect godly counsel because of your pride. Pride goeth before a fall
  • Don’t critize people because they don’t do things the way you want them to do it. We cannot all be the same
  • When you can’t help someone, don’t critize them either
  • Don’t dishonour a man of God simply because you know His weakness
  • Don’t criticize a man that manifest his weakness, you are not better either
  • It is powerful to pray and sincerely intercede for those who hate you
  • Don’t look than on your parents or disrespect your parents because they couldn’t meet your needs
  • Don’t just make dreams, work your dream. Don’t just make a plan, ACT your plans
  • Don’t be negative no matter what you are going through because a negative mind cannot produce a positive result
  • Believe that all things are possible, believe that you can certainly achieve all you have desired no matter what you may be going through
  • Leave people alone, it is not your business what others say or do with their live, focus on yourself
  • Backbiting others will not help your life, leave others alone and focus on your life
  • Never start argument with anyone, if they think they are right accept it but do what you know is right
  • There is no wisdom argueing with people, an ignorant man will never accept the truth no matter how long you argue with him
  • What you are not sure and what you don’t know don’t assume it, because you may just be wrong
  • Don’t think you know all others maybe doing, you are God.
  • Don’t share your dreams with negative people, a negative man see impossible to all your possibility
  • Not all you see you look, not all you know you teach and not all you hear you speak
  • Don’t try to change a system that is not under your control
  • Don’t try to make decisions for people, let people make their choice even if you want to help them
  • Work more and talk less, hide more and stop showing off, let your results speak for you
  • Those who show off never go far in life. Those who like to be acknowledged always get disgrace at the end
  • The distance between where you are and where you want to get to in life is what you do with your time
  • It is HYPOCRISY to criticize or fight someone who does what you know you cannot do
  • It is HYPOCRISY to teach and emphasis Principles that does not have a lasting proof in you
  • The effect of the words you speak is the life you life
  • Someone who does not see anything wrong with what he do cannot change
  • You cannot help someone who is not ready to be helped
  • If you have not help yourself, you cannot help anyone
  • People who overlook their own weaknesses and be hard on others on their weaknesses are not sincere
  • If you cannot endure to see someone doing better than you, then something is wrong with your heart
  • If you work against progress you cannot get progress
  • Never try to be right, let people go with their right if they think you are wrong
  • Don’t let anyone make you feel less of yourself. Be yourself
  • Don’t live your life to please anyone do what you know that is the right thing to do
  • In all that you do, do unto others only what you want others do to you because you shall reap whatsoever you show.

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