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Written By Temiloluwa Omotoso

Pride of life is an act exhibited in the world that proves the unfaithfulness of men to their God,for he who is unfaithful to God and His word shows an act of pride before Him for he delight not in the ways of God but of self and this is not God’s but the world,saying in job21:14″ Yet they say to God,’depart from us,for we do not desire the knowledge of Your ways,who is the Almighty, that we should serve Him?And what profit do we have if we pray to Him?”.this is one of the acts of pride before God.

Not only the one who exalt self or hold himself in high esteem than others,exhibit pride but the one who is unfaithful to God,giving no preference to all that is God and having no delight in keeping the faith to walk with God as his heart denies Him.

All men has pride and none is without pride for it is a thing of the heart,imbedded in the flesh,manifest in the world among men but pride differs, depending on what or whom you hold in high regard in all reverence over another.some peoples pride is God and they are not ashamed to exhibit God among men as One whom He is worthy to be proud of ,who is worth believing,embracing their trust on Him and this kind pride is not of the world but from the spirit of God that rests on them which glorifies and exalt God from within,but to some ,there pride is not of God which shows that there is something or someone whom they hold in high regard over God,making it impossible for them to walk in faith with God.this set of pride is of the world,the pride of life,for their pride is not in the things of God but of the world.

All sins committed in world is an act pride before God and no sin is committed without pride within.if sin denote unfaithfulness in the sight of God(ezek14:13),then every unfaithfulness is pride in His sight and the acts of disobedience and rebelliousness are pride before God for if God commanded a man to walk in this way and he walk in that way,he has shown forth pride before God revealing that he has no delight to walk as God commanded but to walk in his own way,if He says “do this” and he does that ,he has shown pride.before disobedience comes pride and after disobedience comes sin,saying in prov21:4 “A haughty look,a proud heart,and the plowing of the wicked are sin”.

Pride is an act that esteems self or one or things over another.It is a state of preference of one over another in order of superiority that invokes dignity.The elevation of ones attitude and character that deprives subjection of will under what deemed less.

Man is a creature of pride and man is not man without a pride for every man both great and small exhibit pride and a man without pride is man without conviction for all has their own conviction which they walk by and it is by the conviction in a man’s heart that defines what his pride is.What makes a man humble is not the absence of pride but the presence of a good conviction .

Pride is of two kinds and they are distinguished: THE PRIDE OF LIFE AND THE PRIDE IN GOD.
The pride of life is act that denies a man’s faithfulness to his God and it is self-willed but any pride that esteems his faithfulness to the name of God is the pride in God,treasuring their faith in all that is of God than any other,it is spirit-willed.

Having no fear of God in you is pride before Him but dwelling in His fear,makes Him your pride from the depth of your heart because you hold Him in high esteem over another,hence you fear Him.the pride of Joseph was God and He fear Him,giving regard to Him than to commit a great wickedness and sin against God.Abel’s pride was God and he honours Him even from the depth of his heart to bring before Him a worthy offering.Those who fear God and abide in Him are His delighted pride before men.

Holding the things of this world as superior over the things of God is the pride of life but holding the things of God as superior over all things of world is the pride in God and this is where true humility is birthed before God.

The pride of Paul was the Gospel of Christ not in himself nor in any other and he was not ashame to show forth the will of God and the gospel before men because he was proud of Him to serve and bring himself under His subjection according to His will (not in boasting but in truth).the pride of Goliath was his stature,his hugeness and height but pride of David was his God,the pride of job was not his possession but in God whom he hold in high regard and precious than any other.the pride of Nebuchadnezzar was his golden image but the pride of three Hebrew men was their God saying in dan3:17-18 “if that is the case,our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace,and He will deliver us from your hand,O king,” but if not,let it be known to you,O king,that we do not serve your gods,nor will we worship the gold image which you have set up”,to the king it was an act of pride against him but to God,it is an act of true humility that revere God over another.The pride of the prophet of Baal was their god but the pride of Elijah was his God who is all powerful and he stood his ground in faithfulness to the name of God among four hundred and fifty prophet of Baal.

Anything that never esteems God but self is the pride of life and the pride that is not in God is nothing but an idol of heart.remember the tower of babel was made to earn names for self but not for God nor His glory and this was pride before Him which never glorifies His name but self.

Out of the conviction of men comes faith and out faith comes pride and a man of pride is often termed “selfish” for what a man is faithful to is his pride for in that his believe is established.

The reverse of pride is humility but pride of true humble man is God and God is proud of those who are proud of Him,for they fear Him,they love Him and are faithful,people like David whom God regarded because he also regard God and hold Him in high esteem.God also regard job before Satan as One who is upright,One who fears God and shuns evil.these and many more God regarded and account their to generations and as His pride to testify before men as His own who were faithful to Him.

To Men,a little raise of shoulder is little show of pride and little growth in wings is pride before them,but to God,a little show of unfaithfulness is little show of pride for he esteems other things than esteeming God,where he ought to honour God,he honours self,where he ought to glorify God,he glorifies the works of his hands.King Saul exalted pride before God when he esteems the will of men and of self over that of God as the fear of men dominate that of God in his life and he disobeyed and was forsakened.

The pride is like an hidden idol of the heart,Nebuchadnezzar exalt himself in his might and power,honouring the works of his hands and glorifying self saying in dan4:30″ the king spoke, “is not this great Babylon,that I have built for a royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of my majesty?”, he was brought low by God and was reduce to nothing being driven from men that he may eat grass and He later realise this and said in dan4:37″ Now I Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol and honor the King of heaven,all of whose works are truth,and His ways justice.And those who walk in pride He is able to put down” he was humble because he exalt himself.same thing happened to herod who was struck by an angel and was eaten by worm because he gave no glory to God(acts12:23),this why a proud countenance was among the very thing God hates because a proud countenance will never glorify God but self but God never seize to make pride those who glorify Him.

This characters shows among those whose pride is in God:their faith stands on His words,abiding in Him and His promises,they never seize to glorify His presence,His works and His testimony blessing the name of God in all thanksgiving saying in 1thess5:18″ in everything give thanks ;for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” and they learn to put their trust in the His name.

It is a great thing to make God your pride but be careful lest you fall short of presumptuous sins that leads a man astray in overconfidence and fall into temptation,therefore let him be discerning in all wisdom,knowledge and understanding of the word of God and the lord will keep Him as ps19:13 said “keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins;let them not have dominion over me,then I shall be blameless and I shall be innocent of great trangression”. Being presumptuous has led many as astray out of the will of God to the will of self and satisfaction of others wills than that of God,claiming to be led by the spirit but self-willed,it is so much possible for Jesus to jump from the height of the temple and never fall nor dash His foot on a stone,he might even flew or the angels deliver him,but he was prudent and discerning with wisdom of the word of God,hence He knew this was temptation against the of God but for self,He overcame the temptation and the trickery of the devil and cast off any presumptuous acts in Him through knowing and understanding the word.

An humble man who was once humble can fall short of presumptuous sins and become haghty if and haughty spirit caught up to him but to those who humble still before God ,this he will show mercy just like king Hezekiah as 1chro32:25 said ” but Hezekiah did not repay according to the favour shown him,for his heart was lifted up;there wrath was looming over him and over Judah and Jerusalem”. When he realise this acts in him,what did he do?,1chron32:26″ then Hezekiah humbled himself for the pride of his heart,he and the inhabitants of Jerusalem so that the wrath of the lord did not come upon them in the days of Hezekiah “.

Until a man learns to make God his pride and staying humble before him,he can by no means escape the pride of this life and If the pride is not grounded in faith it is not of the lord’s but just a boast.

It is the desire of the lord that man should recognise Him among all as a pride before men,testifying of His name and righteous acts by diffusing the frangrance of His knowledge in every place all by faith and through faith.

The pride of the gospel is Jesus Christ and as many as those who ashamed of Him,these will profess,testify and do His will on earth and they shall glorious in the sight of God for He was their pride and so also will they be made His pride when they come before Him for THE PRIDE OF THE BRIDEGROOM IS HIS BRIDE.

Written By: Temiloluwa Omotoso

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