The Holy Spirit Dwells In You And Wants To Reveal All That God Is, To You And Through You – Ashimolowo

The General Overseer of the Kingsway International Christian Centre, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, in his recent post on Facebook shared a message to the public.

According to him while speaking he said “The Holy Spirit dwells in you and wants to reveal all that God is, to you and through you. Church buildings don’t necessarily “contain” God’s Spirit; It is the Spirit indwelling believers that causes His manifest presence to show up in the gathering of believers. Believers must appropriate daily, by faith, the power of the Holy Spirit to live as Christians, he read (Romans 8:4–5). This means that instances such as resisting temptation, being faithful and sharing one’s faith. There is no secret formula that makes the Spirit’s power operational in our lives. Scripture tells us that the Spirit dwells and operates in us (1 Corinthians 6:19). We have to learn by experience through interaction with God to understand how that dynamic works.

Further speaking he said “In the New Testament, the disciples received the Holy Spirit; then he gave them power; and finally the disciples were told they would be Christ’s witness to the very ends of the earth. Effective witness requires that we first learn to rely on the Spirit to help us.

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