Take Your Offering to The Offertory – Bishop Oyedepo

Take Your Offering to The Offertory – Bishop Oyedepo

Pastors seldom trend on social media for their good activities since the public is more interested in negative news, which provides them the least chance to degrade pastors.
When Bishop Oyedepo preaches or makes things that woke people find offensive, he tends to trend on social media.

The pastor has performed a good deed in his church, but because it isn’t negative, it has yet to gain traction.

Every Sunday church service, like every other church, concludes with a large offertory.

Bishop Oyedepo advised the legislature to save the money for the offertory, take it home, and bless someone in need.

The founder of Winners Chapel International, which has around 300 million members worldwide, revealed to his church that the money they would have contributed as offertory would be used to bless the poor and needy.

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