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[Music+ Video] Made In Amazing – Timothy Bassey



Timothy Bassey makes an official debut with ‘Made In Amazing”. The brand new single speaks about the amazing wonders and nature of God.


Because of God amazing Love, we are never able to truly fathom the depths, but those who believe it will experience it.


Made In Amazing also emphasizes the goodness of God to us, His protection, provision and even much more. Timothy Bassey, a very talented drummer, talent manager and media consultant, started off his journey at a very tender age.


He has over the years proven to be an asset in the music industry but until recently he was lead to release the songs the Lord has blessed him with. Made in Amazing off one of the projects that he will be dropping.


Watch Video & Download Audio Below;

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Lyrics: Made In Amazing By Timothy Bassey


Blind eyes see and

Deaf ears hear

Those are the wonders of your hands

You are made in amazing!

Tens of thousands of angels and elders

They gather round your throne

Crying holy, you must be made in Amazing.


Who can know the end of your wisdom?

Who can make a mess of your victory,on the cross of Calvary ?

Who can see the end from beginning o

Like you Jesus.

You must be made in amazing, Jesus you are made in Amazing!


You are 2x

Made In Amazing…

(Everything about you is amazing)

Everything Amazing

(You are ! you are ! you are!)


You are 2x

Made in Amazing

(Now everything, everything about you is Amazing heeheee )

Everything Amazing


(But who no know you no go know say you be Alabgada Enor ye ye ye yeh her)

who no know you fit call you small God 3x


(If them no know say your eyes is like fire!)


who no know you fit call you small God

(If they no know say your voice sounds like thunder)

Who no know you fit call you small God

Who no know you, no know you….


Verse 2

The least thing you have created is the universe and it’s in your palm Icacha si ehenile agada na churiuzo

The burdens you have taken ,you have taken them away for ever

Ibu Ogaranya gadanga

Oke nmuo ,Oke mmiri n’ebu ogwe

Who can short a door you have opened oo ?

Who can bond a man you have set free oo on the cross of Calvary ?

Who can curse a man you have blessed oh Jesus

Ye ye he yi yi

You must be made in Amazing


You are 2x

Made In Amazing…

( ye ye ye ye Amazing God…)


Everything Amazing…..

( you are full of signs of wonders)


You are 2x

Now everything, everything told about you is amazing..

Everything Amazing


But who no know you no go know say you be he he he he he….

(If they no know say you Rule the universe)


Who no know you fit call you small god


(If they no know say you seat in heaven and the earth is your foot stool )


Who no know you no know you 2x


Raise your voice in this house..


Speaking In Toughs


(You are made Amazing God)

You are made in Amazing (hailings)


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