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JJ Heller Drops ‘I Dream Of You: CHRISTMAS’

JJ Heller shares new music with I Dream Of You: CHRISTMAS. The project is available here.

“Yesterday I listened to the whole thing from start to finish because I wanted to remind myself of what you’d be hearing today. I’ll tell you what, I was excited about this album when we first finished it many months ago, but I think I’m even more excited about it now. It’s just stunning.

When I made Unto Us (my first Christmas album) back in 2016, it was like a spark was lit inside me. I absolutely fell in love with singing Christmas music. It felt comfortable, familiar, challenging and inspiring all at the same time. I loved the orchestration, the nostalgia and the children’s choir. It’s what led me down the path of making all of the orchestral I Dream of You records.

It was an absolute joy to revisit Christmas again with this new collection of songs. It was no small feat, that’s for sure. @benshive crushed it again with his absolutely gorgeous arranging and production and my brilliant husband Dave was always there to point us in the right direction.

As usual, all the players were incredible. From brass and woodwinds, to harp and percussion, keys and strings, the @trinityboyschoir with their angelic voices, and @rob_burrell_mixermania mixing like an absolute master, there are just so many insanely talented people lending us their gifts… simply to create this one big timeless gift for you. 🎁

I hope you can hear the love, joy and reverence in these beautiful tracks. I hope they become the backdrop to countless Christmas memories to come. I sure loved singing these songs and I can’t wait for you to sing along with me.” -Heller



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