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“I am Not Ashamed Of Davido” Nigerian Gospel Singer Tells The Public

A Fast Rising Nigerian Gospel Singer & Song Writer, Joy Odafe took to her Facebook & Instagram account after the release of Davido’s donation to the orphanage home saying ” I am not Ashamed Of Davido”

According to her, she said;


I am Usually not the type that talks too much, I don’t condemn and I don’t talk about Circular Artiste. But for what Davido has done today, I must say am touched. Am really impressed.

On the 17th of November 2021, which was David’s Birthday, He asked his friends to send him money that he needed to clear his Rolls royce. He requested for A million naira each from his friends as he said he needed 100million only.

Before the end of that day, he got over 140 million.
Many tagged him “Broke”, some mocked him, some said david is living a fake life that he doesn’t have money again.

Some claimed to send 5k, 10k just to help his broke life and many more behind the story.

I know Davido to be a very rich person and this was unusual. He even went as far as mentioning names on his status to donate 1m to him.

I waited patiently to see what will happen next.

Just for me to see that the 200Million donation on his Birthday has been donated to Orphanage homes across nigeria with an extra 50 million from Davido’s pocket, making it a total of 250million.

This is the greatest thing I’ve heard this year.

You can’t hate David for no reason.

Are you still ashamed of him? Is he still the broke-ass nigga like some tagged him to be?

In the name of friendship, he billed his friends so he could help the hopeless and the needy.

How many of us can do this?

So many people who donated that 1m to him can never, I repeat can never do it.

Now you don’t have to be rich before you help people. Help the little way you can.

For those that sow a seed of 5k to him, have you seen where your money went to? Are you still ashamed or you’re proud to be a source of Blessing?

I beg you with the name of the God you serve, let’s stop condemning people, especially good ones. They are rare. Very rare.

God bless us all 🙏

I am Not Ashamed Of Davido
Uncle David will eventually come Home one day, I am waiting patiently for that day to come. I will be the first to celebrate Him.

– Joy Odafe

The song writer seemed to have poured out her heart concerning the donation of 250 Million Donation to the Orphanage Homes across Nigeria by Davido



After the release of the Donation post by Davido, Nigerians have tagged David as the Man Of the Year





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