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At this moment, Ifeoma’s phone rings.
She checks who the caller is and gasps.
“Who is it?” Tunde asks anxiously.
Ifeoma heaves a sigh, glances at Kola altogether with Tunde and bends her head.
“L…o..l….a…’s s…t…e…p m…u…m,” she stutters.
“What!” Kola exclaims.
“Drop that phone right now and inject Lola with the syringe,” Tunde screeches and draws out a dagger from his backpack.
As Ifeoma sees the weapon with a double edged blade, she faints out of terror.
Although no one’s picking up the calls, Lola’s step mum keeps calling again and again.
Because of the repeated calls, Tunde angrily takes Ifeoma’s phone and smashes it on the ground.
“What nonsense!” he hollers.
“Guy, do it quickly. Let’s wrap it up and take her to the herbalist,” Tunde turns to Kola.
“It’s already quarter past 8pm. We’ll be dead meat if we’re caught here,” he adds.
By now, the potency of the charm used on Lola has subsided.
She blinks her eyes weakly and slowly opens them.
Kola goes close to her, bends down and punches her face.
Instantly, she blacks out again.
Now, he takes the syringe and injects her without delay.
“It’ll take us about 1hr 30mins to get to the herbalist’s house from here,” he reminds Tunde.
“Yeah. She’ll already be dead for at least an hour by the time we get there,” Tunde affirms.
“We’ll have to take turns carrying her,” Kola says, giving Tunde a brotherly gaze.
“I got you, dude,” Tunde replies with the warmest smile he’s ever made.
Having done that, Kola stares at Ifeoma on the ground for what seems like 10 seconds.
“When she regains consciousness, she’ll find her way out of here,” Tunde remarks, tracing the direction of Kola’s eyes.
“She dares not uncover anything that has happened here to anyone,” he continues.
“You have her secrets with you. Besides, she’ll implicate herself too because she came here with Lola,” Tunde assures the stone faced Kola.
Without further ado, Kola picks up Lola’s long dead phone and everything else that’s fallen out of Lola’s handbag.
He assembles the stuff inside the bag while Tunde bears Lola on his shoulder and flexes his ripped body.
“Your abs are not there for nothing,” Kola jokes aloud and sputters.
“Is that why you’re spitting on your bro?” Tunde replies and they snicker simultaneously.
At this time, they leave Ifeoma on the ground and start walking towards the bush path Lola had seen earlier.
By now, the moon has fully taken charge of the galaxy.
It sparkles, its crescent light shining brightly on their path.
They move as fast as they could, launching deeply into the woods.
After some time, they arrive at the herbalist’s house without a hitch.
“Well-done!” the bald sexagenarian grins from ear to ear.
“Drop her inside and come out immediately,” he faces the two young men.
Quickly, they both carry Lola inside and make her lie on the floor.
Within a short time, they return outside to meet the herbalist.
After some minutes of discussing how the ritual will be held and concluded, they all go back inside the mud hut.
Alas, Lola’s body is not on the floor.
Written By: Ayodeji Adekunle

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