As the trio continue jesting, Kola notices Tunde’s arrival a few metres away.
Kola speedily exchanges furtive gestures with Tunde.
Lola tries to comprehend what’s happening but it’s too late.
Kola wears the ring, hits her with it and she collapses.
Ifeoma looks at the unconscious Lola on the ground.
She walks back and forth and bends over where Lola lies.
She smiles scornfully and then whispers into Lola’s ear.
“Sorry, baby girl. I had to do what I had to do.”
By now, Tunde has got to the scene.
“That was fast, man,” he smirks, greeting Kola with a warm embrace.
“I knew you’d pressure her to bring you here,” Kola laughs at Ifeoma as he lets go of Tunde’s muscular body.
“You sure have a knack for making heinous threats,” Ifeoma scoffs.
“You’re well aware that I have an old score to settle with you,” Kola discloses with a frown.
Exasperated, Ifeoma walks nearer to Kola.
“The fact that you’re my step brother alone disgusts me,” she yelps.
“I told your dad about the girl you brought home, drugged and raped when he travelled to Dubai with my mum.”
“That was a callous thing to do, you sicko!” Tunde barks.
“I had to let the cat out of the bag because I knew you could do worse things,” she ignores Tunde’s remark and continues.
“Who knew how monstrous you could be?” she pants and stops abruptly as if she has said more than she should.
“The foolhardy step you took made my dad disown me, you blabbermouth,” Kola fumes.
“You were a recalcitrant and you still are. It’s so pathetic,” Ifeoma hisses.
“Although it’s been 3 years already, I can never forgive you,” Kola roars.
“Was that why you threatened to reveal my mistakes to the world if I didn’t show up here with Lola today?” she growls heavily.
“Oh! You call what you did mistakes?” Kola laughs mischievously.
“I wonder how Lola will feel if she discovers that you were the one who told Tunde and me that she’d be at the restaurant the day I approached her,” he simpers amidst gulps of liquor.
“Lola told you she was going to eat at her usual spot and you phoned me, remember?” he laughs again.
“Omolola has been nothing but a very good friend to me,” Ifeoma weeps softly.
“I’m doubly sure her father and her step mum brought her up in the way of the Lord.”
“In fact, she’s a friend who sticks much closer than a worthless half brother like you,” she continues.
“You told me that you liked her when you saw her photo on my phone.”
“I thought you’d turned over a new leaf, so I decided to help you.”
“I told you her itinerary that day because I didn’t know what you were up to,” she yells, her sobs now more pronounced.
“Well, will she believe that crap?” Kola sneers.
“You rang me yesterday and told me you’d tell her to meet you at a designated place today,” Ifeoma recounts.
“I knew you were up to something when you threatened that I should follow her here or else, you’d tell my mum that I had an abortion for Tunde last month,” she panics.
“What exactly do you want from me?” she utters weakly.
“Now, you’re talking,” Kola rejoices.
“Since you wouldn’t want your secrets to be out, you must do as I say,” he shouts authoritatively.
“I want to use her for money rituals.”
As he says this, Ifeoma screams and holds her chest in wonderment.
“She’s lying here helplessly now because I’ve hit her with the ring my herbalist gave me.”
“You’re aware of that.”
“He said it’d only make her unconscious for 30 minutes.”
“He says Lola has to be dead for at least one hour before I can bring her over for the ritual to be successful.”
“He didn’t tell me why.”
“Listen up, you’ll be the one to kill her.”
“I blackmailed you to come here so you’d finish the job,” he concludes.
That said, he retrieves a polythene bag from a branch of the tree where they stand and brings out a syringe.
“The fluid in this syringe is poisonous. Go ahead and inject her right now,” he stretches the syringe over to her.
“Please, I can’t do this. Nope! Never!” she kneels down feebly.
“I started the money making procedure four days ago.”
“If I don’t take her to the herbalist in three days’ time, I’ll run mad.”
“Do it now or you’ll regret it,” he slaps her heavily.
At this moment, Ifeoma’s phone rings.
She checks who the caller is and gasps.
“Who is it?” Tunde asks anxiously.
Ifeoma heaves a sigh, glances at Kola altogether with Tunde and bends her head.
“L…o..l….a…’s s…t…e…p m…u…m,” she stutters.
“What!” Kola exclaims.
“Drop that phone right now and inject Lola with the syringe,” Tunde screeches and draws out a dagger from his backpack.
Written By: Ayodeji Adekunle

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