Previously on the series:

As days roll into weeks, the bond between Lola and Kola become so strong that they can’t do without hearing each other’s voice every day.

At 6:35pm, one evening, Kola phones her.

“Could we meet right now? I need company.”

“Where are you, babe? Forward me the address as soon as possible,” she responds joyously.

Lola sights Kola where he rests his back on a tree and waves at him excitingly.

As Kola reciprocates Lola’s reassuring smile and wave, he recalls what really transpired the day the duo met.

He had gone to the restaurant with Tunde, his bosom friend.

They had both seen Lola afar off at a corner where they sat unnoticed by passersby.

They weren’t there to eat anyway.

They were scouting the area for a prey.

They had seen Lola dipping her wallet into her leather jacket when she paid for an ice cream at a nearby shop.

At the entrance of the restaurant, Tunde deliberately bumped into Lola and stole her wallet.

Although she received Tunde’s apology, Lola didn’t know what Tunde’s intent was.

She couldn’t even see his face well because he wore a face cap and a nose cover.

“Your pickpocketing skill never declines,” Kola had remarked shortly afterwards.

“Trust me, man. I’ll do anything for you.”

“That aside, she’s perfect for the herbalist’s description.”

“You’re aware that you do need an albino to complete your money rituals within 7 days of starting the whole process.”

“If you don’t complete it within the stipulated time, you’ll run mad,” Tunde had reminded him.

“Yeah, I do remember. I’ll make her fall for me and then visit the herbalist to commence the money making process.”

“Yahoo plus is the way, my brother,” Kola had laughed out loud before going in to meet Lola.

As Lola gets closer, Kola phones Tunde.

“Get ready; the sacrifice is here.”

Episode 2:

“Hey, babe. I always look forward to meeting you. What’s up?” Lola cheers as she reaches Kola’s spot.

“My only lolly pop,” Kola teases her and affectionately strokes her hair, which instantly makes her heart aflutter.

“You’re such a darling. I’m glad I’m the only one for you,” Lola whispers lovingly and then looks around.

There is no single building nearby.

Except for the rustling of lizards against leaves and the occasional chirping of insects, no sound is heard.

Turning to her left, she sees a bush path ahead.

“This place looks a bit scary though. Do I feel this way because the sun has gone down?”

“Don’t worry, my love,” Kola reassures her with a pat on the shoulder.

“I chose a spot outside the school premises so we could be away from any disturbance,” he says, slightly moving away from the tree he’s been leaning on.

As Lola turns away and stares at a lizard scurrying away at a distance, Kola dips his hand into a pocket at the back of his trouser.

Lola sights a group of social insects conveying food and laughs unashamedly.

She’s so engrossed in enjoying the beautiful sight that she doesn’t know when Kola brings out a tiny nylon and quietly unwraps it.

Swiftly, Kola puts on the ring he’s just retrieved from the nylon.

He’s all set.

Slowly, he takes a deep breath and moves closer to Lola.

As he moves his hand to hit Lola with the ring, he sees someone approaching them.

“This isn’t Tunde,” he sadly thinks.

He quickly withdraws his hand and hides the ring.

“I thought you’d come out earlier,” Lola smiles, facing Ifeoma.

“I’m not late. Am I?” Ifeoma questions, her arms folded.

“When you laughed, I knew you gave me a sign to come out. That was what we agreed to do after all,” she reveals.

“What’s going on here?” Kola asks with a forced smile.

“Pardon my manners, sweetheart,” Lola begins.

“You once asked me if I had any friend and I replied affirmatively.”

“Here’s my room mate and best friend, Ifeoma.”

“She prodded me to bring her here so she’d be introduced to you,” she grabs Ifeoma’s hand and pushes her slightly.

“What sort of rubbish is this? You’ve just ruined my plans,” Kola broods.

Lola taps him and immediately, he jolts out of his thoughts.

“Ifeoma, meet the only man who makes me happy,” she speaks excitingly, glancing at them both.

Kola stares at Ifeoma for a safe moment and then shakes hands with her.

As the trio continue jesting, Kola notices Tunde’s arrival a few metres away.

Kola speedily exchanges furtive gestures with Tunde.

Lola tries to comprehend what’s happening but it’s too late.

Kola wears the ring, hits her with it and she collapses.

Ifeoma looks at the unconscious Lola on the ground.

She walks back and forth and bends over where Lola lies.

She smiles scornfully and then whispers into Lola’s ear.

“Sorry, baby girl. I had to do what I had to do.”


Written By: Ayodeji Adekunle

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