Lola feels a violent touch at her shoulder as she sleeps.

She tries to wake up, but her sleepy state won’t let her.

Suddenly, a bottle breaking sound fills the whole room.

Within a split second, she jerks, fully awake on her king sized bed.

“You’re such a heavy sleeper,” Ifeoma snaps.

“Was that why you had to play that terrible ringtone again?”

“I literally thought there was an earthquake.”

Ifeoma grins, stops and paces back and forth with her MP3 player in hand.

“Sorry, baby girl. That appears to be the only method of waking you up after having a rigorous vigil.”

“Don’t be a bully, my dear,” Lola wriggles where she sits and they both chuckle.

“You do recall telling me about your lecture at 8am, right?”

“Dr. Chibuzor is a very strict man. You’d better not get on his bad side.”

Lola checks her diamond Rolex wristwatch which lies on a pile of books.

The time reads 7:01am.

“I know, right?”

“He’s a nut job for real. That’s the most vicious lecturer in Pharmacy department.”

“Isn’t Unilag full of tormentors like him?” Ifeoma shrieks with laughter.

“Won’t you get ready for lectures too?” Lola asks with concern.

With her eyeballs widened, Ifeoma leaps for joy and raises her hands in the air.

“We, the 400L students of Microbiology have no lecture until 2pm.”

“Don’t oppress me. I’m a finalist too,” Lola squeezes her face playfully.

At noon, Lola starts starving.

She decides to leave the lecture theatre and properly utilise the one hour break she has.

Consequently, she stops by a fancy cafeteria within the campus so she can ease her hunger pangs.

As she steps in, she becomes the cynosure of all eyes.

Anyone would attest to the fact that although she’s an albino, her very cute dimples effortlessly draw people to her.

Her long hair flows down beneath the face cap which adorns her designer eye glasses.

Not only is her physique jaw dropping, but also, her gait complements her radiant face which always beams with smiles.

She’ll definitely be a drop dead gorgeous pharmacist. What a sight to behold!

She relaxes into a VIP armchair to eat the sumptuous meal set she’s ordered, but she has no idea what awaits her.

“The total price of your meal is N3,550,” a waitress hands her a bill.

She reaches into her jacket to get some money.

Alas, nothing as such is anywhere in sight.

Utterly perturbed, she ransacks her handbag and unveils its contents.

Even at that, her relentless search ends up being futile.

The now uneasy waitress taps her on the shoulder.

“You should pay up now, ma’am.”

“I think I’ve lost my wallet. It contains my ATM cards. Besides, I’ve got no cash on me right now.”

By now, the squabble between the two ladies is gradually creating a scene.

Lola looks around and sees the same people who gushed at her beauty earlier making derogatory remarks about her.

“Lord, please come to my aid,” she prays quietly.

“If you knew you couldn’t afford an exquisite restaurant, why didn’t you resort to buying a meal by the roadside?”

“I beg your pardon; do you know who I am?” Lola fires back.

“Well, I don’t care who you are. Right now, you’re a debtor,” the waitress screams and everyone inside laughs out loud.

“Put off your wristwatch,” the waitress demands.

“Hand over your phone too. You’ll get back your belongings when you pay up.”

As the waitress struggles to undo Lola’s wristwatch forcefully, Lola loses her balance and falls.

“Release it now or I’ll strip you naked.”

“Well, I don’t think you’d need to do that,” a soft masculine voice echoes from behind.

“What do you mean?” she retorts.

“I think I found what you lost,” he turns to Lola.

Alarmed, Lola instantly rises up, neglecting the dirt on her costly apparel.

“Does this belong to you? I found it lying on the floor at the entrance.”

“Oh! Yes, it’s mine. It must have fallen off from my jacket when someone bumped into me just before entering.”

“Thank you lots,” she smiles broadly.

After processing Lola’s payment successfully, the waitress gets ready to leave but her arm is held firmly.

“What you did was very bad. Apologize to her first.”

The waitress bows her head in shame and lifts it almost instantly.

“I’m sorry for my unruly disposition towards you. I was just doing my job,” she pleads facing Lola.

“No worries; your perception of me was wrong after all,” Lola replies calmly.

“The name is Kola,” the young man who’s just salvaged Lola smiles and stretches his right hand for a handshake.

“I’m Lola. I’d rather you called me Omolola though,” she giggles and shakes hands with him.

“I love the full version too,” Kola sheepishly admits as they both walk out of the restaurant.

“Aren’t you here to eat?” Lola inquires.

“I’d say I was, but meeting you here is like getting manna from heaven.”

“My hunger has suddenly disappeared,” he smiles and stares at her full in the face.

“Awwww!” Lola blushes.

Having conversed for a few minutes, they discover that they both hail from the same state and have some other things in common.

After exchanging contacts, they hesitatingly bid each other farewell.

“I think I like him,” Lola tells Ifeoma as she gets ready to hit the sack that night.

“It’s okay. He’s a believer and from what you’ve said, I can tell he’s a good guy.”

“I’m not oblivious to the fact that you want a man who’d cherish you wholeheartedly.”

“Nonetheless, don’t go into a relationship with him without praying about it,” she advises.

As days roll into weeks, the bond between Lola and Kola become so strong that they can’t do without hearing each other’s voice every day.

At 6:35pm, one evening, Kola phones her.

“Could we meet right now? I need company.”

“Where are you, babe? Forward me the address as soon as possible,” she responds joyously.

Lola sights Kola where he rests his back on a tree and waves at him excitingly.

As Kola reciprocates Lola’s reassuring smile and wave, he recalls what really transpired the day the duo met.

He had gone to the restaurant with Tunde, his bosom friend.

They had both seen Lola afar off at a corner where they sat unnoticed by passersby.

They weren’t there to eat anyway.

They were scouting the area for a prey.

They had seen Lola dipping her wallet into her leather jacket when she paid for an ice cream at a nearby shop.

At the entrance of the restaurant, Tunde deliberately bumped into Lola and stole her wallet.

Although she received Tunde’s apology, Lola didn’t know what Tunde’s intent was.

She couldn’t even see his face well because he wore a face cap and a nose cover.

“Your pickpocketing skill never declines,” Kola had remarked shortly afterwards.

“Trust me, man. I’ll do anything for you.”

“That aside, she’s perfect for the herbalist’s description.”

“You’re aware that you do need an albino to complete your money rituals within 7 days of starting the whole process.”

“If you don’t complete it within the stipulated time, you’ll run mad,” Tunde had reminded him.

“Yeah, I do remember. I’ll make her fall for me and then visit the herbalist to commence the money making process.”

“Yahoo plus is the way, my brother,” Kola had laughed out loud before going in to meet Lola.

As Lola gets closer, Kola phones Tunde.

“Get ready, brother. The sacrifice is here.”


Written By: Ayodeji Adekunle

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