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Before You Marry Him, Observe This – Onyebuchi Kalu


Minister Onyebuchi Kalu Is an Apostle Of Relationships, Purpose And Life. He is The Founder Of The Young Minister’s Network.

Apostle Buchi Kalu Addresses The Single Ladies on Marriage, Talking about what we need to observe before getting married.

According To His Article, He Said;


“Before you marry him…

Let me ask you few questions…

👉Does he have who he listens to?

Because a time will come…you both will get to a deadlock argument that you are sure he is wrong ..but he would want to abuse his leadership authority over you..

A man is so Dangerous when he has no one he gives honor to…

A man is so brutal when he is accountable to no one….

Don’t depend on his friends to correct him..these days we have sycophants around us as friends who hide the truth from us …

When a pastor or counsellor summon him will he honor …who is his mentor…?

👉 What are the things you cant tolerate

I know no man is hundered percent perfect .. no one is a full Spec…but there are defects or errors you can accommodate. And can’t also accomodate ..


Some ladies can accommodate a cheating spouse…

some can accommodate a dirty and lazy spouse while some can’t..

some can accommodate a snoring spouse..some can’t..

some can accommodate a wife beater while some can’t…

some can accommodate an abuser and stingy spouse while some can’t…

My dear find what you can accommodate..marriage is not where you endure..

Let me stop here…to avoid long post”

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