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BE MY WIFE | Episode 9

Episode 9

He watched as she fast approached him.

She was indeed a beauty to behold, and he couldn’t help but look on in admiration.

” Good evening sir” she greeted.


” Evening sister Anna, how are you doing?” He asked.


” I’m fine and you?” She inquired.


” I’m also fine, thank you” he answered.


” I’m sorry, I kept you waiting” she told him.


” There’s no problem” he shrugged with a smile.


” Okay, thank you” she heaved a sigh of relief.


You look gorgeous” he complimented her looks, and she blushed.


” Thank you” she replied.


” Shall we?” He asked.


” Yeah” she replied, and they both headed for their destination.


He took her to a nice restaurant where they were supposed to have dinner together.

She thought as much though.


The environment was serene, cool and quiet.


They walked towards a table where two empty seats were.

She kept admiring the place as they took their seats, and he noticed it.


” You like this place right?” He asked.


” No, I don’t like it. I love it!” she exclaimed, letting out a smile.


” I’m glad you do” he said, elated.


A waitress came to attend to them, and they placed their order.

While they waited for their meal to arrive, there was a deafening silence between them.

Her phone rang, finally breaking the silence.


She took a quick glance at the screen and sighed aloud, before she turned on the flight mode.


” I’m sorry about that” she apologized.


” No problem, why didn’t you pick up your call?” He asked, concerned.


” Nothing, I just didn’t want to” she replied.

It was her mum who called and of course, she knew why she was calling.


” Okay” he said.


” Yeah” she said, dropping the phone inside her hand bag.


The waitress finally arrived with their meal.


” Thank you” the both of them chorused.


” You’re welcome” she replied, wearing a bright and contagious smile.


” Thanks for the food” she told him.


” You’re welcome” he answered.


They dug in and began to devour their meal in silence once more.


She kept wondering if he only wanted them to have dinner together or there was more to that.


” Mhm! Mhmm!!” He cleared his throat, bringing her back from the world of thoughts.

It was obvious he was about to say something.


” Hope you’re enjoying your food?” He asked.


” Yes I am” she replied.


” Okay” he said, still thinking of the best way to make his intention known.


Tension was beginning to build up in the atmosphere.

She could feel his piercing stare all over her.


” Ermm… Anna, please do you mind if I ask a question?” He said, comporting himself.


Her heart rate increased.


” No, I don’t mind” she replied him, sitting upright.


” Okay.

Errmm… Are you in a relationship?” He asked, awaiting the answer that would determine his next move.


She paused, holding her breath.

She had expected something like this to happen, but didn’t know it would happen soon enough.


” No” she replied, avoiding an eye contact with him.


The joy he felt was inexplicable.

At least, he stood a chance of being the lucky man.


” Okay.

Anna, for sometime now I’ve been observing you and in the course of our friendship, I’ve discovered you to be the kind of woman I would love to spend the rest of my life with.


I love you deeply, and I want to have you in my life always.


I want to go into a relationship with you that will lead to marriage, please can you give us a chance?” He said with all sincerity.


It felt like her head was spinning and she wasn’t sure if she actually heard what he had said correctly.


It was all like a dream to her.

This was the moment she was waiting for, but she tried hard to contain her joy.


She looked straight into his eyes, and all she could see was genuine love, sincerity and honesty.


She finally found her voice after some seconds of silence.


” Errmm… I.. I have to pray about it.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an answer” she told him.


” It’s alright, I’ll wait ” he said.


She was greatly excited, but kept her cool.

He was the man of her dreams, and she was certain that God was going to give her a go-ahead on this one.


She had lost her appetite already due to the excitement she felt.

He also did loose his as well.


” You’re not eating” he told her.


” Yes, I’m full” she replied.


” Okay, I’m also full as well. We should get going to avoid arriving home late” he said.


” Yeah” she said, appreciating the fact that he wanted to keep to time.


He paid their bills, and they left.


He paid her transport fare, and ensured that she got home safely before going to his house.


She sang her favorite song happily as she walked into their compound.


” Knock knock” she said, waiting for the door to be opened.


Esther opened the door.


” Welcome sis” she told her.


” Thank you” she replied.


She entered, and sighted her mum who was waiting for her.

She was prepared for the worst anyway, so she wasn’t bothered.


” Let her do whatever she pleases” she thought within her.


To be continued…

Inspired by the holy Spirit

Photo credit: Google

©️ Rejoice James Jev


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