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BE MY WIFE | Episode 8

Anna had finally decided to go out with Bro Samson,and so she communicated the date and time when she’d be free to him.

He was so happy that she had granted his request, and he was grateful that he was making real progress.

She had told her friend Eva about the whole thing and she was so happy for her.

” Didn’t I tell you that I’ve been suspecting this guy?
I knew it!
Anyway, I’m so happy for you dear” she said, widely grinning, after Anna told her about everything.

” Ahn ahn… I don’t understand you oh…
Why are you happy like this?
We’re just hanging out oh, and nothing else” she replied.

” Mtchwww! You’re not serious oh…
So what do you think you guys are going out for?” She asked, arms akimbo.

” I don’t know” she answered.

” Ehn… If you like don’t know nau, keep feigning ignorance anyhow.

Me I await whatever gist you’re going to be bringing back oh, so make sure you gather enough of it for me” Eva told her, sipping her drink.

” You this girl ehn…” Anna sighed.

” Please let me start going to my house.
When you come back from the hang out, just make sure I’m the first person you call” Eva told her, and made to leave.

” Alright, bye.
Till then” Anna bade her goodbye.

The scheduled date for the outing finally came and she was nervous.

Anna had already informed him beforehand that she didn’t like to keep late nights, and he promised they weren’t going to stay late into the night.

She arrived earlier than usual from her shop, so she could have enough time to prepare.

She picked a very nice and fitting red gown from her wardrobe, and a beautiful black flat shoe to match.

She also applied a very light make up to brighten up her look.

She wanted to look nice and simple as well.
It was only an outing and not a date, she thought.

It was already almost 5pm, and she was about to leave.

” Mum I’m going out with a friend, I won’t be long” she said to her mother who was in the sitting room,her best spot in the house.

” Ahn ahn, why today?

Or didn’t I tell you?

The guy that I told you of is coming here today, and he’ll be here very soon” she said to her.

” But mummy I already told you that I’m not interested in any hookup with this so called guy.
Please just forget about this mum” she said, fed up with her mum’s behavior.

” But I…” The knock on the door interrupted them.

” That must be him.
He’s such a smart guy so he has probably found his way here” she said wearing a smile that seemed to disgust Anna.

” Who’s there?” She asked, going towards the door.

” It’s me Ben” a male voice said.

It’s him” she whispered, while Anna just waited to watch the drama unfold.

She opened the door and welcomed him with a wide smile on her face.

” Oh my dear… You’re welcome Ben” she said.

“Good evening ma” he greeted.

” How are you my in-law?” She asked him.

“I dey fine mummy” he answered.

Anna chuckled in amazement.

She wondered who was going to get married to this kind of man.

She took a closer look at him.
He was a dark, average young man probably in his mid thirties.
He looked so haggard and unkempt and was poorly dressed.

He could be likened to a smoker judging by his appearance.

His scruffy voice was also another turn off.

The whole thing was even funny to her, that she was almost laughing out loud.

” Mummy na the babe be this?” He asked, scanning Anna with his eyes from head to toe.

” Ehn.. na she be this” she replied.

” Omor… She set oh” he commented.
She smiled, satisfied that he liked her daughter.

” Anna let me go inside and get something” she said, and went in just to give them room to discuss.

She wondered where her mother went to get this kind of person from.
She just stared at him as he scanned her thoroughly.

” Wow! Babe you fine oh” he told her.

” God what kind of tout is this?” She asked within her.

” You even fine pass how your momsi take describe you sef” he told her.

The way he spoke like someone with a missing tooth was funny and ridiculous but she managed to hold herself from laughing.

She definitely had no time to waste with a confirmed tout.
She looked at her wristwatch and discovered she was almost running late.

She took one last look at him and walked out, leaving him behind.

He was surprised and confused at the same time.

” Shuu… Which kain thing be this one nau?

The babe no even get respect.
Abi na because she even manage fine small na im make she dey feel herself?” He said to himself,annoyed at the turn of events.

” Abeg momsi I don go!” He left in rage and slammed the door behind in fury.

Anna quickly boarded a taxi and went to meet him at the place where they were supposed to meet before going out together.

She finally got there, and sighted him from a distance.

He also saw her, and was charmed by her beauty.

” Wow! She’s beautiful” he remarked under his breath.

To be continued…

Inspired by the holy Spirit

Photo credit: Google

©️ Rejoice James Jev

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