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BE MY WIFE | Episode 7

” Anna!” Her mother called out, one Sunday afternoon after they had all returned from church.

” Ma” she answered, as she came out of her room.

” Are you doing something now?” She asked.

” Not really” she replied.

” Okay, so that means I can have your attention now right?” She asked her.

” Ermm.. sure” she responded.

” Okay… Sit” she ordered, and she sat down.

She wondered what she wanted to tell her.

” Mhmm! mhmmm!!” She first cleared her throat.

” Errm… Anna my daughter, I called you this afternoon because of an issue that is giving me a cause to worry, and it concerns you” she began.

” You’re my first daughter and so I’m really concerned about this issue” she said, and Anna was wondering where she was driving to.

“I… I have discovered that you want to make me a laughing stock among my peers, and I have refused to let that happen.

In a few years time, you’d be clocking thirty and yet you don’t seem to even be bothered concerning the issue of marriage.

Your younger sister would be getting married soon and you are yet to even introduce a man to us.
So, considering all of these, I decided to act fast since you’re not serious with your life” she said.

Anna only stared at her.

” I found a guy that I think would be best for you.
I mean you guys would match perfectly well, because he’s your kind of person.
He’s also very good looking and nice and I think you both would make a nice couple.

I showed him your pictures and he was impressed with what he saw.

I also gave him your number too, so you should be expecting his calls anytime soon” she said with a dry smile.

Anna was already pissed.

” But mummy I never asked you to do that.
I’m grown up and I know what is right for me.
Besides, I’m not desperate about getting married because I know that very soon, God would give me my husband.

I appreciate your efforts mummy, but I’m sorry I’m not interested.
God is the only one who can give me a husband” she replied her.

” That one is your concern oh… Because I’ve already made the necessary arrangements.

He’s even coming to see you very soon sef” she told her.

Anna just laughed in surprise.

” So you should better start preparing for his coming” she said.

She saw no need in trying to make her understand further.

After all, it was all about her and no one could gain access to her life without her permission.

So she knew better than arguing or getting into a quarrel with her.

” Thank you ma” she said.

” Can I go now?” She asked her.

” You can go” she answered.

” Okay” she said and left for her room.

Anna and Samson had become very good friends within a short period of time.

She got to like him even the more as she discovered some amazing things about him.

He in turn, was also glad to find out that she was actually as awesome as people described her to be and was even much more.

After some time, he decided to do the needful.

He put a call across to her one evening.

” Hello sister Anna” he spoke from the other side of the phone.

She was so happy to hear his voice.

” Hello bro Samson… Good evening” she said happily.

” How are you doing today and how was work?” He asked .

” I’m fine and work was fine too… How are you also doing?” She asked in return.

” I’m very fine ” he replied.

” Okay” she said.

” Errmm… Please I want to ask for a favor” he told her.

She paused for some seconds.

” I hope it’s a favor I can grant?” She asked.

” Yeah… That’s if you want to” he responded.

” Okay then, I’m listening” she told him.

” Errm… I want to ask if you can make out time for us to hang out one of these days” he said, skeptical about what her answer was going to be.

Her heart skipped a beat.

She wondered what the hangout was for, and within seconds many thoughts ran into and out of her mind.

” Hangout?” She asked.

” Yes… Or do you have a problem with that?
Okay I’m sorry if you’re not comfortable with it…” He was saying when she cut him short.

” I never said that.
I’ll get back to you, probably when I figure out a day I can set apart for that” she told him.

His hopes were heightened.

” Okay..okay.. thank you so much, I appreciate you” he said, feeling so happy.

” You’re welcome” she replied, wondering what made him sound so excited.

After that, they ended the call.

She was happy and anxious at the same time.

She was happy that she was going to have an opportunity to hang out with him, but the unknown reason for the hangout was what made her anxious.

” Oh God, let your will be done” she prayed silently.

To be continued….

Inspired by the holy Spirit

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©️ Rejoice James Jev

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