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BE MY WIFE | Episode 6

As time went by, Anna noticed that bro Samson was trying to become very friendly with her and her very sensitive friend also took cognizance of it.

Eva had gone to her shop one afternoon to see her.
They discussed at length before she finally brought up the issue.

” Anna” she called.

” Yes” she replied, while carrying on with her work.

” Have you noticed what I’ve been noticing?” She asked.

” What have you been noticing?” She asked In return.

” Haven’t you noticed bro Samson’s attitude towards you recently?” She asked.

” Errmm… I’ve noticed nothing much, apart from the fact that he’s beginning to be more friendly with me” she said.

” Exactly! That’s my point.
So now, can you view what I’m viewing?” She asked, making some funny gestures.

” Like what again nau?” She asked, pretending to be tired of her questions.

” See this one oh! So you want to act like you don’t understand what I’m talking about right?” She teased her.

” Okay… Okay.. You just tell me what you’re viewing, because what I’m viewing might be different from what you’re viewing” she said.

” Alright… What I’m just trying to say is that errmm… I’m suspecting that brother oh.
From what I’m seeing and viewing, he wants to take this thing to another level oh…” She said amidst chuckles.

” You’re not serious oh… Which level is that one now?” Anna asked, feigning ignorance.

” Abeg stop pretending jare…
You think I don’t know you like him?” She told her, rolling her eyeballs at her.

” Hehehe… See me see problem oh… Is that what I told you?” She chuckled.

” Come off it jare…
All those times when you’d be blushing while talking with him, you think I don’t use to see right?
Please oh, me I want to eat wedding rice because I can’t remember when I last ate it.

So, if he proposes and you know God is leading you to him, don’t waste time accepting oh” she advised.

” You ehn… Let me just reserve my comment” she said, knowing that what she said was the truth.

She actually liked him, but would not show it.
Who wouldn’t like such a young man?

First of all, he had the fear of God, had the anointing, character and was very handsome.
He was every lady’s dream, and so she felt surprised when he began to want to make her his friend.

She didn’t want to think too far, or build castles in the air. So she convinced herself that he was just being friendly and nothing more, even though she secretly wished there would be something more.

“Hello” Eva waved at Anna who seemed to be deeply lost in thoughts.

” Anna” she called aloud, and she jerked.
” What were you thinking about?” She enquired.

“Nothing…. Nothing… Don’t mind me I just trailled off” she tried to wave off the topic.

” Really?
Since when did you start trailing off?
Abi is it him you were thinking of?” She asked, making a funny face.

” Abeg leave me alone jor…. Clown!” They both bursted into laughter.

A few days later, she was going about her activities in her place of work when he came in.

” Hello” he greeted from outside.

” Can I come in?” He asked, in a deep baritone voice.

She was confused and shocked at the same time.
He was the last person she would ever imagine could come to her shop.

“Err… Yeah come in.
Good afternoon ” she said.

” Good afternoon ma” he greeted playfully.

” Have a seat” she offered him a plastic chair with a smile.

” So how’re you doing today?” He asked her with a smile that could melt one’s heart.

” I’m very fine. You?” She responded.

” I’m fine too” he replied as well.

” You look really gorgeous” he told her and she blushed.

” Thank you” she shyly replied.

” Bro Samson , how did you find my shop?” She asked , surprised.

” Never mind.
All I knew was that I had to just find my way to visit my friend” he said.

” Okay oh… If you say so” she said, and served him some pastries.

” Here, please manage this ” she told him as she served.

” Ah no… Don’t bother yourself” he rejected it.

” No nau… You can’t come here and go just like that.
Please don’t reject it” she persuaded him.

After much pleas, he finally decided to eat.
They looked tempting after all.

If doing this would make her happy and grant him access to her heart, then he would gladly do it.

The satisfaction on her face as he ate was all he craved for.

” Wow! You’re so good at what you do.
This is so delicious!” He remarked as he did justice to the pastries.

” Thank you” she blushed again.

He engaged her in an interesting conversation filled with so much humor that she laughed so much.

When it was time for him to leave, she felt like dragging him back.

” Alright… I think I’ll be taking my leave now” he told her.

” Oh… Okay.
Thanks for coming.
It was nice having you around” she told him.
They both exchanged phone numbers.

” Okay… Bye take care of yourself” he told her with a smile.

” Okay bye…” She waved at him as he left.

She wished he never left.
It was really nice being with him.

Samson was glad with the way things turned out to be.

He was trying to subtly gain access to her heart.
Soon he was going to pop up the big question and he prayed he would get a positive answer.

” God help me” he prayed.

To be continued…

Inspired by the holy Spirit

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Šī¸ Rejoice James Jev

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