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BE MY WIFE | Episode 5

Julia began to return early from work ever since the proposal.

She claimed that the reason behind the new development was that she wanted to have proper rest before the wedding which was already scheduled to happen in some months time would take place.

” So Julia how’s the preparation for the wedding going?” Anna asked one evening as the three of them sat in their bedroom.

” It’s going on fine” she replied absent mindedly, pressing her phone.

” Okay… So when do we get to see your Mr right?” She asked.

” Ahn ahn why are you asking of him, is there any problem?” She asked with a suddenly changed countenance.

” I don’t understand.
Are we not going to see who our sister is getting married to?” She asked in return.

” Abeg abeg! That shouldn’t be your business oh.
Or do you have ulterior motives?
Because I’m beginning to suspect you oh!
Me I’ve found my husband, so you go and find your own.

I don’t want my husband to be snatched away from me by any one.
Not at all!” She said arrogantly.

” Julia do you realize that she’s your senior?
Why would you be talking to her like that?” ” Esther who had been quiet all the while, spoke up.

” Are you stupid?
Is something wrong with you?

How dare you interrupt when I’m talking?” Julia fired back.

” To be honest with you, what you’re doing is wrong and totally out of place.

I expect you to respect your seniors and elders if you also want to be respected” Esther who was already upset said and angrily left the room.

” Hehe…. ” Julia clapped her hands in amazement and looked at Anna who was only smiling.

” So this is what you’re teaching her to do abi?
I don’t blame you anyway.

Almost all your mates that graduated with you in school are now married with kids.
You’ll be turning twenty nine soon and you’re still here instigating evil.

It’s not your fault.
All these are results of your joblessness and hopelessness.

I’ll soon get married and leave the both of you to continue with your sisterhood.
Nonsense!” She spat angrily and left the room too.

Beyond the smile, Anna was seriously boiling in anger within her, and wanted to give her a piece of her mind but the holy Spirit would not let her.

” Don’t say anything Anna, just keep your cool…keep your cool” she could hear him say.

” Lord you should have just let me show her that we are not mates.

You would have let me tell her something that would keep her mouth shut for a long time” she lamented, deeply pained.

” Just look at how she ridiculed and insulted me” she said,with tears now dripping down her face.

She felt pained for not pouring out her heart’s content, but she just had to obey the holy spirit.

Right from childhood, Julia had been the saucy, spoilt and rude one.

That was due to the fact that her mother pampered her so much and treated her differently from Anna.

Their mother didn’t plan to have another child, so she spoilt her being that she was the last child then.

Even after she had given birth to another child, her preference for Julia remained the same.

Their mother would always support her even when she was wrong and this made the others feel bad and cheated.

Their father was nothing to write home about.
He would leave the house very early and return very late at night totally drunk.

He never had a close relationship with his family so it was their mother they were closer to.

Anna kept praying that God would arrest him one day.

” Don’t worry, it’ll be fine” the holy Spirit comforted her.

She locked the door, went on her knees and poured out her heart to God, reminding him of his promises over her life.

She prayed untill she could feel the burden in her heart being lifted up.

The assurance of a glorious and beautiful future in God’s word began to flood her heart, and her sorrows were replaced with an unexplainable joy.

She began to sing in worship to him.

Her mother happened to be passing by the room at that moment and stopped by.

” Anna! Anna!” She called aloud, noisily banging the door.

She wondered why her mum was knocking so hard and screaming her name.
She wasn’t happy that she was interrupted, but had to open the door.

” What is the meaning of that?” Her obviously angry mum asked.

” Sorry, I don’t understand” she said, genuinely confused.

“How can you understand?

Do you think you’re the only one in this house… Ehn?
Why were you praying and shouting anyhow?

Someone can not even have peace in this house anymore because we have a sister Mary.
‘Mbok’, the next time you’re praying just make sure you reduce that voice oh… Mtchwww!” She said and left, angrily mumbling some things to herself.

She was not surprised.
That was how her mother normally behaved.
She always made sure that she didn’t raise her voice whenever she was praying but her mother would always find a fault.

Many times, she had conceived the idea of going to rent an apartment for herself to avoid all of these, but the holy Spirit would ask her not to do so.

Bro Samson had been nursing his feelings for this young lady ever since.

They had both known each other for a long time but they were mere acquaintances.

He had observed her from a distance and gathered some information about her.
He thought it wise to first make friends with her and then know if he could go further.

” Yes! That’s what I’ll do” he resolved within himself.

To be continued…..

Inspired by the holy spirit

Photo credit: Google

©️ Rejoice James Jev

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