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BE MY WIFE | Episode 4

One Saturday, the members of the drama unit met in preparation for a program that was scheduled to take place soon.

Apart from the choir department, the drama unit was another department with population.

The young ladies were more than the guys.

Some ladies left the departments where they formerly functioned and joined the drama group just so that bro Samson and other handsome brothers would notice them.

” Salome, this sanitation department that we are part of ehn…
I don’t think it’s favouring us oh!” Sister Rita said.

” How do you mean?” Salome asked.

” Can’t you see?
Can’t you see that it seems to be taking forever for anyone to notice us?

This department is so hidden that almost no one notices us” she explained.

” I still don’t understand ” she said.

” What don’t you understand? Can’t you see that we don’t even draw the attention of these handsome brothers?

At least we should strategically position ourselves in places like the choir and drama departments.

Those are the places where the real happenings take place.

I’ve carefully surveyed this church and I’ve discovered that those two places are good for business.

Abi don’t you also notice those fine fine guys there?” She said.

” Hmm.. Sister Rita, are you here to serve God or you’re here to find a man?” She asked.

” Ahn ahn… Why are you now trying to make me look like an unbeliever?
Everybody came to serve God nau…but you still have to use your head.

See ehn, me I don’t have time to waste oh.

I left my previous church because ‘ market no too good’ and so, I have to make use of the opportunity I have here” she explained.

” Hmm.. I will advise you to have a rethink over this your decision oh.

First because your motive is not pure and because I want you to know that even in this place where you feel unnoticed, God can still bring your husband to you” she advised.

” Ehn thank you… That one you just said concerns you oh! Because as for me I’m going to shine my eyes very well so that what is mine won’t elude me” she still stood her ground.

” Alright. May God help you” Salome said.

Many sisters who had sister Rita’s kind of mindset also relocated to the drama unit.

The drama coordinator had prayerfully selected the drama that there were going to be acting in line with the theme of the program.

When it was time for the casts to be chosen, bro Samson happened to be one of them and so most of the ladies silently prayed that they would be part of the cast just so they could get to act with him.

Luckily for one of them, she was listed among the casts, and just as she wanted, she was asked to act with bro Samson.

The excitement of getting to act with him was so much that she became overwhelmed.

In a bid to show off, she was hyperactive and wasn’t even sticking to her role anymore.

She wasn’t able to skillfully interpret her role and so she had to be replaced.

” Errm… I’m sorry sister but it seems this role isn’t so easy for you to interpret.
Maybe you’ll be given a different role to play” the drama coordinator told her.

Other members of the group including bro Samson concurred with his observation and decision.

She shamefully went to take her seat, utterly disappointed in herself.

Anna was known for her great acting skills and her ability to interpret whatever role she was given to play perfectly well.

” Sister Anna, please can you take up this role?
Let’s just see how it goes” the drama coordinator told her.

She wasn’t expecting him to call her out, and so did the other sisters.
As she walked out some of the ladies eyed her wickedly because they knew they no longer stood a chance of taking up that role.

They were all aware that she was good at what she did.

By the end of the rehearsals, Anna was waiting for her friend Eva who went to see the drama coordinator while the others left.

” Hello sister Anna” Bro Samson walked towards her.

” Hi.. good afternoon bro Samson” she returned his greetings.

” How are you doing today?” He asked.

” Very well and you?” She replied.

” I’m great too” he responded.

” You really did great today, I must say” he commended her.

” Thank you. You also did act absolutely well” she said amidst smiles.

” Thank you too.Keep it up okay? God bless you” he said and stretched his hands for a handshake.

” Yeah, thank you” she said as she shook him.

“Alright bye” he told her.

” Bye” she bade him farewell.

Just then, Eva came out from the drama coordinator’s office.

” Mhm mhm!” She teasing cleared her throat, rotating her eyeballs funnily.

” So girl, what were we discussing?” She asked jokingly.

” We?” She asked.

” Yeah, I mean what were you guys discussing?” She asked.

” Mtchwww… Abeg jare.
What do you think we would be discussing?
It’s nothing serious” she said.

” Are you sure?” She teasingly asked.

” Eva please leave me alone” she said playfully, and they laughed over it.

” It’s alright. If you say so” she said and they both left the church premises, as they discussed other issues.

To be continued…

Inspired by the holy spirit

Photo credit: Google

©️ Rejoice James Jev

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