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BE MY WIFE || Episode 30 (FINALE)

Finale Episode


Soon, Julia was delivered of a healthy baby boy.
She was grateful that he was fine despite all of the beatings she received, and stress she underwent.

The whereabout of her husband was what she wasn’t aware of.
She was told that he had not returned back to the house,since he left.

It was clear that he didn’t care a bit about her.

She was sad.

” Mummy you’re a wicked woman!” She fired one afternoon.

” You’re very wicked, and selfish” she told her unapologetically.

” What’s the meaning of that Julia?” She asked.

” You were one of the people who pushed me to get married quickly.

Maybe if I had been a little patient, I wouldn’t have gotten married to that wife beater and womanizer.
You kept on telling me to get married to whoever came my way because time wasn’t on my side.

Now see who I got married to.

I wish I listened to Anna’s advise, I would have escaped this.

You’re not a woman who is worthy of emulation.

Anna would have probably gotten married to someone like my husband if she had followed your advice.

You do not posess the attributes of a good mother.

Infact, you’re not fit to be a mother.

Change mum!

Change! ” She told her and stormed out of the sitting room.

Her mother was surprised, and dumbfounded.

She wondered if it was thesame girl she had showered with all the love and care who just insulted her without giving a damn.

She knew Anna would never do that.
She had pampered Julia to a fault, and now she was spoilt.

” She said I’m not fit to be a mother?”she soliloquized.
She pondered on all she was told.

She concluded that she was probably what Julia termed her to be.

” Maybe I’ve been selfish, mean and wicked all the while.

Maybe, I… I have not always been the figure of an ideal mother.

I probably have not led a life that my children would wish to emulate” she thought aloud.

She felt sorry.

” I’ll apologize to all of them, especially Anna.

I’ve put her through a lot.
I didn’t give her all the love and support she needed all the while.

I’m sorry Anna, I’ve not been a good mother” she said to herself.

She apologized to Anna as she had decided to.

” I’m sorry for all my misdeeds and foolishness Anna.
Please forgive me.

Right from your childhood till your adulthood, you never really enjoyed the love and care of a mother as you ought to.
I treated you less of a daughter, while I pampered your sister.
Now I can see the side effects of what I’ve done.

She’s spoilt already, she insults and talks back at me without giving a damn.
Those are things you will never do.

I’m sorry for putting you under so much pressure.
I was supposed to encourage and pray with you, but I did otherwise.

Please forgive me” she went on her knees.

” No mummy, it’s okay.
Get up” she pulled her up.

” While you weren’t there for me, my close friend the holy Spirit was always there for me and he taught me a lot of things.

One of the things he taught me to do is forgive even when it’s difficult to do so.

You’re still my mother, and I’m glad that you’ve realized your mistakes.
I forgive you” she told her.

” Thank you my daughter.
Thank you so much” she hugged her.

They all hoped Julia’s husband would change one day as they kept praying for him.

Anna was employed into the Smiths’ company.

There were also ongoing plans to enlarge her catering business.
She was indeed blessed.


” Hmm! Iyawo, you look fabulous!” Eva who was heavily pregnant said, on entering the hotel room where Anna was getting dressed up for the wedding.

” Eva!” She screamed and pulled her into a hug.

” You look beautiful too!” Anna remarked.

It had been a while since they last saw each other.

” Thank you oh!.
Anna I never knew you were this beautiful oh!
See your gown, splendid” Eva told her.

” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” She blushed.

” I know your guy can’t wait to take you home.
The man blood go don dey hot now” she said, and they laughed.

” I’m happy for you oh Anna” she said, greatly excited.

” Thank you Eva” she said.

She looked extremely beautiful as she walked into the church auditorium accompanied by her chief bride’s maid, and the rest of them.

She looked charming in her modest and beautiful gown.

Johnson stared in awe at the angel that approached him.

He was captivated by her charm.

“She’s beautiful” he thought.

He was glad she was going to be his wife.

The wedding vows were made, and they meant every word they spoke.

They proceeded with the rest of the activities and it was fun and lovely.

It was an event they weren’t going to forget in a hurry.

As she laid in his bossom that night, he couldn’t help but thank God for her.

“Thank you my love” he whispered softly into her ears.

” You’re a virtous woman.
I do not and will not ever regret marrying you.
Thank you for yielding yourself to God.

Thank you for accepting to be my wife.

I promise to love and remain loyal to you all my life
I Know that with God in this relationship, we would overcome ” he said to her.

” Thank you too my love.
I promise to also love and remain faithful to you all my life.

I cherish, love and adore you” she said with a smile, and he smiled in return,as he kissed her forehead.

” Thank you” he whispered once more.




Inspired by the holy Spirit

Written By: Rejoice James Jev

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