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BE MY WIFE || Episode 29

Episode 29


Anna had also decided that it was time to make her intentions known to her parents.

She summoned them one day, and told them of her plans.

” Mum, Dad, I’ve found someone who I want to get married to” she said.

The surprise on her mother’s face was evident.
She jumped up and ran around the place in excitement.

” Finally! So Anna you decided to heed to my advice when I was already giving up on you” she said.

She danced to a native song she was humming to herself, while the duo watched.

After she had done all of that to her satisfaction, she sat back.

” When do we get to see him?” Her father asked.

” Soon! He’d be traveling down here soon for the introduction” she told him.

They were happy for her, and prayed that her marriage will be blissful.

Julia’s bad marriage was enough for them already, they didn’t pray to have more of such.

” I hope you really know this man well, because we all can see what your younger sister Julia is going through.
We don’t want you to go through that path too.

Please my daughter, do not be in a haste to get married. If you notice some hazardous traits in him that cannot be condoned, you are free to call it quits.

But if you feel he’s okay, then it’s fine” her dad advised.

He was gradually beginning to change from being the dad they used to know to a new man.
He no longer did most of the things he used to do, and he was growing daily in the faith.

Everyone was surprised at the new development.

” No problem dad, thank you sir.
I’ve heard all you have said” she told him.

He turned to his wife, expecting her to say something.

” I’m very happy that you’re getting married oh!
I pray that God will bless your marriage.

Let me go and tell my friends, and comitee of women of this news, so that they can start preparing for their asoebi” she said.

Anna shook her head in disappointment.
She was more interested in showing off to her friends, than in the success of the marriage.

She only prayed that God will change her.

Her father dismissed them, and each went their way.

Johnson finally travelled to Anna’s place for the introduction, and it was successful.

They accepted him, and believed that he was going to be a good husband to their daughter.
His manner of composure, and attitude were proofs.

” Hello Anna ” Eva called one morning.

” Hello new wife” she replied.
Eva’s wedding had taken place a few months back, and it was glorious.

She laughed.

” How are doing jare..?” She asked.

” I’m fine oh. How are you and your husband?
Hope you guys are taking care of each other well” she said.

” Yes oh my dear.
Infact our honeymoon is still on” she replied.

” Ahn ahn, honeymoon is still on after three months?” Anna asked.

” Yes nau… Everyday here is our honeymoon oh” Eva replied.

” Alright, no problem.
I like your style” she said.

They discussed and joked happily.

” Eva, next week I’ll be going for my introduction oh.
I’m nervous ehn” she told her.

” Eyaaahh so soon.
Don’t worry everything will go on well by the grace of God.
Don’t be afraid.

That was how I felt too when I was supposed to go for mine, but God took over and it was fine” she told her.

” Okay” she replied.

They spoke some more, and ended the call afterwards.

Finally, the day for her introduction was here.
Johnson prayed she’d find favour in the eyes of his parents, especially his mum.

She could be difficult to please at times, and he hoped she’d like her.

She dressed properly, and also went along with some gifts.
She had made enquiries from Johnson about what they liked, and she got it for them.
He did same when he went to see her parents too.

As she entered the compound, she couldn’t help but look in awe at the beauty before her.

” Wow! This place is beautiful!” She remarked.

” Thank you” Johnson, who was with her replied.
It was such a magnificent building, an it was indeed beautiful.

She never knew they were that rich.
With the way Johnson behaved, one would hardly believe that he lived there.

People normally attributed pride to the rich, but Johnson proved them wrong.

As they walked into the house, a wave of tension flushed over her.

” God please take control” she prayed silently.

No one was in the living room when they walked in.

” Make yourself comfortable while I call my parents” he said and went upstairs.

She was astonished at the beauty of the place.
She kept feeding her eyes with the things around her.

She was staring at one of the enlarged family photos on the wall from where she was sitting and she was amazed.

“They are so beautiful!” She remarked quietly.

She heard footsteps, and she adjusted herself properly.

They walked with an aura of prestige.

She quickly stood up and greeted them respectfully with a smile.

They responded in like manner, and settled down.

She admired them, as they appeared to be nice and wonderful people.

They began discussing with her, and found her to be smart, intelligent and sound in almost all areas.
They were impressed.

Mrs Smith had been staring intently at her for a while, as she tried to figure out something.

” You look like someone I’ve seen before” Mrs Smith said.

” I think I’ve seen you somewhere before too, but I can’t remember where” Anna said.

She asked Anna which part of Akwa-ibom she lived in and she told her.

” Really?” She asked.

” Yes ma” she answered.

” I’ve been there before to do some things.
That was where I came across a lady that looks just like you.

She was holding something and I accidentally bumped into her” she explained.

” Oh! That was actually me ma.
I was the one you bumped into” she said.

” Really?” She asked, surprised.

” Yes ma” she smiled.

” Wow! The world is actually a small place” she said.

” You’re a very good girl.
I was running late for an appointment that morning and I was trying to meet up which was why I bumped into you.

I expected you to flare up and be insultive, but you did otherwise.

I was impressed and surprised as well.
You’re different from others, and I’m proud of you” she said.

Anna was happy.
She thanked God for not acting otherwise that day.

She would have had to regret it.

Johnson was happy that she had found favour in the eyes of his parents.

They liked her and it was obvious.

They gave their consent, and blessed them.

The future was bright.

To be continued…


Inspired by the holy Spirit

Written By: Rejoice James Jev


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