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BE MY WIFE || Episode 28

Episode 28


Within the few days left for Johnson to go back home, he made sure that they met to discuss important issues concerning their courtship and marriage journey.

The days when they couldn’t meet physically to discuss, they discussed over the phone.

They were bent on making their relationship work.

They were aware that although it was the will of God for them to be together, they could still end up ruining everything if they refused to be intentional about it, and put in their efforts.

They got to know more about each other as the days passed by.

” I’ll be leaving tomorrow by God’s grace” he told her a day before.
He had come to see her at her shop.

” Okay” she replied, rather unhappily.

He could see that she was not willing to part with him.

” You don’t sound happy.
Don’t you want me to go back?” He asked.

” Of course not, it’s just that I’ll miss your company” she said.

” Don’t worry, I’ll come back for you, but I promise to keep in touch with you as much as possible okay?” He told her.

” Alright” she replied.

They wiled away some time chatting, cracking jokes, and taking pictures.

She saw him off when it was time for him to go and promised to also keep in touch with him.

They knew that a relationship without communication wasn’t going to work out, and they made up their minds to ensure that it was necessary.

She wished him a safe journey back,and they parted ways.


Anna was in the living room one hot Sunday afternoon seeing a movie.

Their mother took Julia to the hospital for some check-ups, and Esther was asked to go with them as well.

Anna was alone in the house with their Dad.

She was deeply engrossed in the movie, that she almost didn’t see him as he came to the living room.

It was when he sat on one of the sofas, that she realized he was there.

She took a close look at him.
His eyes were very red.
He looked like someone who had been crying all the while.

” Daddy what’s it?” She cast her gaze upon him.

He only broke into tears, and sobbed aloud.

This made her confused.

” What’s wrong Dad?” She inquired once more.

He wiped his tears, and swallowed hard.
Then he began.

” Anna, I’m sorry, I’m very sorry” he apologized.

She didn’t understand.

” Sorry about what Dad?” She asked.

” I’m sorry about everything Anna.
I’m sorry for not being the kind of father I am supposed to be to you all.
I’m sorry for the way I’ve been living my life to the displeasure of every one in this house.

I really apologize” he said.

It sounded like a joke to her.
This was the moment she had been waiting for all these years.
It looked like God had answered her prayers.

She listened on.

” I’m tired of this life I’m living.
There’s nothing good in it, only evil.

I’m tired of my stupidity, and I want to turn a new leaf but I don’t know how.
You’re the only one in this house that I deemed fit to approach for help.

I’m sorry to say, but I couldn’t approach your mother because she doesn’t live a life I’ll like to emulate.
You’re the one who lives like someone who’s truly born again.

I want to be born again, but I don’t know if God will accept me.
Please help me ” he said.

She was glad that he was ready to turn a new leaf, although she wasn’t happy that he had wasted most of his years doing worthless things that they weren’t proud of.

” God will accept you Dad, only make up your mind to surrender all to him” she told him.

He listened to her, and she led him to Christ on the spot.

He felt at peace within himself, and he felt happy as well.

” Thank you Anna” he told her.

” We thank God Dad” she replied.


” Johnson, you’re yet to give me the full gist oh” Tom told him as they sat under a tree in Johnson’s house , in the cool of the evening.

“It’s been three weeks since you returned and you’ve not told me anything” he added.

” Calm down guy, I’d give you the gist in details” Johnson sipped his lemonade.

“I’m all ears” he said.

” Okay…
Listen attentively oh!” He said.

He told him about everything that happened and how things were also going.

” Wow! You really did that official assignment well oh!
Kai! Guy you sharp!
Chop knuckles small abeg” Tom teased him.

” Abeg no dey whine me jare…
Na God help me oh” he told him.

” Honestly, I’m happy for you man!
We give God all the thanks.

Let me see the picture of the lady that captured the heart of our fine guy na.
Abi you don’t have any picture of her?” He said.

Johnson grinned widely.

” Of course I do” he replied.

He showed him a picture of her.

” Oh my God!
The girl is beautiful!” He exclaimed aloud.

” How did you find this type of girl na?
She’s too fine” Tom was surprised.

” I think it’s high time my boss sent me on an official assignment oh, because I don’t understand how you people are doing the thing again sef” he joked and they laughed.

He was happy that Johnson was making progress, and wished him well.

Months passed, and their relationship blossomed.
They decided it was time to take the next bold step.

Johnson called his family together one evening.

” Mhm! Mhm!” He cleared his throat.

” Dad, mum, I have something to say” he began.

They were eager to hear him out.

” Alright, we’re listening” they chorused.

” I… I’ve found someone who I want to marry”he said.

” Wow! That’s great news” his both parents exchanged looks.
They were happy about it.

They asked him vital questions about the supposed lady he wanted to get married to, and they got satisfactory replies from him.

” When do we get to see this lady?” Mrs Smith asked.

” Soon mum” he replied.

“Alright, we’d be waiting” she said.

To be continued…


Written By: Rejoice James Jev

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