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BE MY WIFE || Episode 27

Episode 27


Tears dropped down her cheeks, and her hands vibrated as she held the phone.

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She decided to re-read it, to be sure she actually saw the right thing.

” Painful exit!
Our very own brother and fellow worker in God’s vineyard has been called to glory.

It’s so saddening!
Rest in the bossom of the Lord till we meet again.
Goodnight brother Samson” it read.

A member of their church had posted it, with his photograph attached.

” Jesus Christ!” She screamed, as it dawned on her that this was reality.

“Ah! Bro Samson!!!” She called in a whisper,with both hands in her head.

She wished it was a dream.

” Lord why did he have to go now?

He was so committed and diligent in his service to you.

Ah! This is painful.

He just got married, how will his wife take this?” She lamented as tears flowed freely on her face.

She wept sore, and was deeply saddened.

He was such a kind and gentle man.

Eva’s call came in again a few minutes later.

” Hello” Eva sounded like she had been crying all the while.

” Hello Eva” Anna’s voice broke.

” Have you heard? Bro Samson is gone oh!
Ah! He has gone!” She said, and wept aloud.

” I saw it oh! God!
What happened?
What really happened?”Anna asked, sobbing silently.

” They said he had an accident .
He travelled and was returning home, and that was when he had the accident!

Ah! Anna, his wife is heavily pregnant oh, I can’t imagine how devastated she would be now.
Hey! God!” She said.

” Mtchww!! I’ll call you later Eva” Anna told her.

She became more sorrowful as she heard the news in details.
Her mood was bad throughout that day.

She was really unhappy.

She felt he didn’t deserve to die, at least not so soon.

The next day, she and Eva went to pay his wife a condolence visit.

A lot of people were there already.

Immediately she saw the state of the young woman, she was overwhelmed with pity for her.

She was almost due for delivery, and she was worn out.

From the way she was looking, she had cried so much,and wasn’t able to cry anymore.

Her face was swollen, and her eyes were red.

” Madam, the Lord is your strength!”

” Chai! This life, na so e dey end?”some women were saying.

Anna and Eva wept along with her, consoled her, and gave her words of encouragement.

They left after a while, as more people were trooping in.

On her way home, she kept thinking about the whole thing.
The picture of his wife in her pathetic condition flashed in her memory.

She would have been the one in her shoes if she was married to him.

She would have been a widow at such a young age.

It dawned on her that God was probably preventing her from this which was why he didn’t let her marry him.

She was grateful she obeyed him.

She couldn’t imagine what she would have done if she was in his wife’s shoes.

She came to the conclusion that God knows best.

If she had disobeyed him to gratify her temporary feelings and desires, she would have had to live with a long-lasting scar in her heart.


As the days went by, she was gradually getting over the death of bro Samson.

She decided to let Johnson know what her response was, as there was no need keeping him waiting any further.

She wanted to put a call across to him one afternoon, but she decided to wait till in the evening.

She felt that would be the perfect time to break the news to him.


Johnson had returned from his place of assignment, and was exhausted.

He quickly took a shower, had dinner and was relaxing on the bed, watching TV.

He was getting bored and decided to go through some things in his phone.

Just then, a call came in.

It was Anna.

His heart skipped a beat, and he became jittery.

He braced up, and decided to pick up the call.

” Hello” she spoke.

” Hello, Anna” he said.

” Good evening Johnson” she greeted.

” Evening, how are you doing today?” He asked.

” I’m fine. How did your day go?” She said.

” Err… It was fine, but a little hectic though” he replied.

“Oh! Sorry about that” she told him.

” Thank you” he smiled.
Her voice sounded angelic in his ears.

There were some seconds of silence which made his heart resume skipping beats.

“Johnson” she called.
Her voice became somewhat stern.

” Yes” he replied in an almost shaky voice.

” I have something to tell you” she said, with no single emotion in her voice.

He was scared.

” Okay” he swallowed hard.

” It’s about your proposal” she said.

This made him more afraid.

” Al.. alright” he stuttered.

She noticed how tensed he sounded over the phone and almost chuckled aloud.

She was ready to pull a stunt on him, but changed her mind and decided to make it easy for him.

” I… ” She began.

He held his breath, and closed his eyes.

” I will marry you” she said.

” Oh my God! Thank you so much Anna! Thank you!” He jumped from the bed in excitement.

” You’re welcome” she smiled, as she wondered how he was reacting to the news.

” God bless you! Thank you for giving me a chance” he said.

” Amen! Thank God for everything” she laughed at his child-like excitement.

” Bye…Have a good night rest” she told him.

He wished she didn’t have to go that soon.

” Okay, good night.
Have splendid night rest too” he told her.

” Yes! Thank you Lord.
I’m deeply grateful” he expressed his joy and gratitude.

He was going to bed that night as a joyful man.
He couldn’t stop smiling sheepishly.

She made his night awesome.

” Soon, I’d be a married man, and this lovely angel will be my wife” he said to himself.

” Thank you Lord” he whispered.

To be continued…

Inspired by the holy Spirit

Inspired by the holy Spirit

Written by: Rejoice James Jev

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