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BE MY WIFE || Episode 26

Johnson was left with two weeks to return back home.

He kept praying that God would hasten the process and let him hear her response before he left.

He was deep in thoughts when his phone rang.

It was Tom.

” Hello Johnson” Tom said.

” Hi Tom… How’re you doing?” He asked.

” I’m fine and you?” He inquired too.

” I’m good” Johnson replied.

” Alright…
So how’s the assignment going? ” Tom asked.

” It’s going well oh… It’s going well” he answered.

” Alright, we thank God then.
We’re all missing you here oh, you need to see your sister.

Ever since you left she has not been her usual cheerful self.
She’s always moody and can’t wait for you to return” Tom told him.

” Really?” He asked.

” Yeah” he replied.

” Well, that serves her right Sha, at least she would know how important I am now.

After all, I’d soon get married, so she should start learning to live without me” he said.

” But shey you know you’re wicked?

And yes! This one you’ve been talking about getting married nowadays, it’s like you’ve taken my advice serious.

So, mhm! mhm!!… Is there anyone yet?

You know you can’t hide anything from me” Tom told him.

” Don’t worry, I have gist for you, but I’d give you the full details when I return home” Johnson said.

“Like seriously?” He inquired excitedly.

” Yeah” he said.

” Wow! This is great news, I can’t wait to hear of it” he said.

” Don’t worry you soon will, all I want you to do is to keep praying for me.
Your prayers is what I need now” he said.

” Sure, I’ve got your back” Tom said.

” Alright, thank you.”

” You’re welcome buddy” he replied.

” Thanks for calling, I’ll call you some other time.
I have some official work to do now” Johnson said.

” Okay,bye then” he said.

” Bye” he replied.


Anna was grateful that her mum happened to be less troublesome recently.

All thanks to Julia who was able to draw her attention due to her condition.

She was always going on one errand or the other for Julia, and she therefore had only a little time for herself.

There was no time for her to make trouble.

“Mummy please help me with that remote there.
I don’t like this program their showing, I want to change it” Julia said, lazily crunching some Pringles.

“Ahn ahn, but Julia the remote is on the same chair where you are sitting nau” she said.

” Mummy I know nau…
It’s just that my hands can’t reach it.

Please pity me nau… This my condition is not a child’s play oh.

Any small mistake now will dislocate my pelvic bone and destroy my hip bone.
Abi do you want me and your grandchild to die?” She asked.

” Hmm… Me I’ve not seen this kind of thing before oh” she said, and went to give her the remote.

She was about to sit down when Julia called her attention again.

” Ah! My God oh! Kai! Kai!! Kai!!!
Mummy abeg come! Sharp! Sharp!!” She said.

“Which type of problem is this nau?” Her mother asked herself, as she sluggishly stood up to respond to her.

” What is it again?” She inquired.

” It’s my back oh… Jesus Christ!
Press here” she pointed a spot on her back.

As she was about to press the supposed spot she screamed again.

” Ah! No nau, it’s not that place… It’s this place here, close to my neck side” she complained.

Confusion and frustration were clearly written on her mother’s face.

Esther who had been watching from a distance giggled silently as she watched what was going on.

She had never seen her mother this frustrated.

” Shebi she’s your favorite child..

You’ve not seen anything yet.

You’ll face it” Esther said within herself,and chuckled.

She ran away from there to avoid being caught.

Anna earnestly sought the face of God concerning the issue on ground.

She wanted to know his mind and will for her no matter what.

This time, she was prepared for anything.

” Lord let me know your will.
I’m ready to accept whatever you say Lord.
Please speak, for your daughter listens” she kept praying.

She prayed fervently, consistently and expectantly.

She knew that soon, God was going to speak.

It was one evening, while she prayed that she finally heard it.

She couldn’t contain her joy.

She had been receiving confirmations, but she wanted more.

This time, it was audible.

” He’s your husband” she heard clearly.

A Bible verse dropped in her spirit,and she was sensitive enough to capture it.
It happened to be the same verse that was given to Johnson.

She was so happy, that she spent the rest of the night giving thanks to God.

This was the long awaited moment.

The time she had been waiting for all the while.

The next day, she called Eva and told her about it.
She was genuinely happy for her.

” Didn’t I tell you?
Now you’d believe me next time right?” Eva told her.

” You were right oh… You were right” Anna said.

” I’m very happy for you ehn…

I knew that at the appointed time, everything will take shape.

You can imagine someone from another state travelling down to this place, only for you to discover that he’s your husband.

Isn’t it the Lord’s doing?” She asked.

” It is oh” she replied.

” My dear, when God is set to bless man ehn, distance is not a barrier oh.
The only thing is that one needs to be constantly in tune with him, so that when the blessings arrive, one won’t miss it” Eva told her.

” You’re right girl.
I’m extremely excited right now.
I never saw it coming this way.
It can only be God” Anna said.

They talked some more,and ended the call.

Later in the day, Anna was scrolling through her news feed online when she saw something.

” Oh my God! ” She exclaimed in shock.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

” No! No!! No!!! This can’t be…” A tear dropped from her eyes.

To be continued…

Inspired by the holy Spirit

Written by: Rejoice James Jev

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