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BE MY WIFE || Episode 25


” Oh God, as I embark on this very important journey, please help me.
I pray that you crown my efforts with success, Lord.

Please go ahead of me and make every crooked path straight.

I believe you will come through for me, and I thank you in advance for I know you’ve heard me” he prayed, while sitting in the vehicle conveying him to his destination.

He had gotten enough information and direction to where he was going, so it wasn’t really difficult for him to find his way.

As he got closer, he became tensed up but manage to keep calm.
He assured himself of his capability.

” I can do this.
Yes! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” he told himself.


Anna was seated in her shop, keeping herself busy with some little tasks that morning with her earpiece plugged in.

She was listening to an audio message by a powerful man of God.
She was so focused and attentive that she literally lost consciousness of the happenings around her.

” Hello” he said, standing at the doorway.

She didn’t hear him.

” Hello” he said again, but she still had her head bent, doing what she was doing.

Luckily for him, she wanted to get something from her shelf which wasn’t so close to where she sat.

That was when she sighted him.

Her jaw dropped in shock, as she wondered what he was doing there, and how he found her.

She unplugged her earpiece.

He expected the reaction he saw.
She was meant to be surprised of course.

” Good day ma’am” he greeted cheerfully.

” Goo.. Good morning… sir” she stuttered.

” May I come in please?” He asked.

” O…of course” she stammered, feeling somewhat confused.

She showed him where to sit.

” You can sit there” she pointed at a chair.

” Okay, thank you” he appreciated her.

” You’re welcome” she replied, wiping her hands with a clean towel as she took her seat.

” How are you doing ma’am?” He asked with a smile.

” I’m fine, and you?” She asked in return.

” I’m also fine too” he replied.

He paused for a while.

” Do you remember me?” He asked.

” Sure, I do” she replied, eager to know why he was there.

” Oh, okay.
I think that makes things easier.
You sure have a retentive memory” he told her, and she smiled.

“How did you find me here?” She asked.

” Errmm… Actually, I asked for direction” he replied.

” Really?” She asked.

” Yeah” he answered.

He looked around.

” Is this what you do?” He asked her.

” Yeah, I’m a graduate though but since no job was forthcoming, I decided to get myself busy with this, pending when I’d get a job” she explained.

” Wow! That’s nice.
I like seeing industrious women, because they’re rare” he said.

She smiled.

” Thank you” she replied.

” What do you do too?” She asked him.

” Errm… Well, I work in a company as a Director” he told her.

” Wow! That’s nice” she said.

” Thank you” he replied.

” Actually, I came here for an official assignment” he said.

” Oh!” She exclaimed.

” Yeah” he said.

A few seconds of silence ensued between them.

“Anna” he called.

” Yes” she replied.
” So he even remembers my name?” She thought.

” I apologize, if what I’m about to say would sound offensive to you, but I just have to do this” he told her.

Her heart skipped beats.
She became anxious.

” What does he want to say now?” She asked herself.

This time, he fixed his gaze intently on her.

” Anna, I know this might sound weird, but the truth is ever since the first day I saw you on that stage, there was this strong connection I felt in my spirit” he began with all seriousness.

This time, her heart almost fell out of her chest.

” What am I hearing, and where’s he driving to?” She wondered.

” I’ve not been able to get you off my mind since I set my eyes on you.

I love you and I… I want you to be my wife” he said, looking closely at her.

She chuckled.

Who does that?, She asked herself.

He didn’t know her from anywhere, neither did she and here he was talking about marriage.

” Johnson, this is actually weird.

We don’t know each other from anywhere, I don’t know your convictions, I don’t even know if you’re a believer or not.

How do you expect this to work out?” She asked him.

” I’m a believer, and I know you’re a believer too.
If you want me to talk about my convictions here and now, I’d do it” he told her.

” Well, I would like to hear that” she told him.

He began to talk about his beliefs and convictions, and she discovered that they alligned with hers.

The major things she needed to hear to know if compatibility was possible were the exact things she heard.

” Are you satisfied with that now?” He asked.

” Hmm!” She heaved a sigh.

” You happen to have the same convictions that I do have.
Where do you live?” She asked.

” I live in kwara state ” he told her.

” Okay” she replied.

She couldn’t deny the fact that she liked him, and she decided to take the matter to God in prayer.

” I’ll have to pray about your proposal” she told him.

” Alright, take your time” he said.

He was confident and had no fear whatsoever.

He was certain that if the God who told him she was his wife was the same God she served, then everything will be fine.

” Can I get your phone number please?” He requested.

” Sure” she gave it to him.

” Thank you. I guess I have to leave now so you can continue with your work.
I will see you some other time” he told her.

” You can’t go yet, not without taking something along” she said, as she hurriedly packaged some pastries for him.

Her generousity was something she was well known for.

” No, you don’t have to bother.
I’m fine, I’m okay” he tried to reject the offer.

” I’m not taking a ‘No’ for an answer.
Here” she handed the package to him.

He finally gave up.

” Okay, thank you very much.
I appreciate you” he received it with a smile.

“Don’t worry when you taste it, you’d be the one running back for more.
I won’t need to beg you” she told him.

” Okay” he laughed.

” Bye” he told her.

” Okay, bye” she waved at him.

He couldn’t stop thanking God for the way things turned out to be, as he went back.

The excitement he felt was so much, and he couldn’t help but sing songs of Thanksgiving to God.

He was glad because he knew that the result was going to be a positive one by God’s grace.

” Thank you Lord” he said in gratitude.

Anna was so happy, and she couldn’t contain her joy.

She hastily grabbed her phone, and put a call across to Eva.

” Hello dearie!!” She said in excitement.

” Hello girl, what’s up?” Eva asked.

” Fine oh… How’re you doing?” She asked.

” I’m fine too. Why do you sound very happy?” She asked, after noticing the way she sounded.

” Eva you won’t believe what happened” she said.

” What happened nau… Please give me the full gist” she said.

” Guess who came to my shop today” Anna said.

” Please I’m not good at guessing.
Infact I’m already running impatient, just tell me na” she told her.

” Okay… Okay.
I was in my shop doing my thing oh, when I looked up to discover that guy we were talking about a few days back in my shop” she explained.

” Which guy?” The antennas in her ears for receiving signals became activated.

” The new guy we were talking about” she said.

” Oh my God! You don’t mean it” Eva exclaimed.

” Honestly.
We got talking, and along the line he… mhm! mhm!!” She cleared her throat.

” He did what nau?” Eva was very curious.

” He asked me to marry him oh” she said.

” It’s a lie!” She couldn’t believe her ears.

” I’m telling you!” Anna said.

” Oh my goodness! I feel really excited now” she was genuinely happy.

” Thank you.
I told him I’ll get back to him after praying about it, and so I want you to also join me in prayers too.

I hope it’s going to be a different story this time” she said.

” Amen, it’s going to be a different story oh!
Don’t worry, I’ll join you in prayers and I believe the answer will be positive this time” she said.

” Amen, thank you Eva” she said.

” You’re welcome” Eva replied.

” Alright, I have to go now. Byee…” She told her.

” Bye” they ended the call.

” Let your perfect will be done oh Lord” she muttered a few words of prayer.

To be continued…

Inspired by the holy Spirit

Written by: Rejoice James Jev

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