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BE MY WIFE || Episode 24

Episode 24


Johnson was nervous and anxious.
He wanted to know how to go about the matter in wisdom.

He was aware that even though she was God’s will for him, it was still possible for him to mess things up if he didn’t act in wisdom.

Soon, he was going to return home and he couldn’t afford to leave like that.
He had to do something, because this was about his future.

He kept asking God to grant him wisdom, and an idea dropped in his mind one day.

Meanwhile, ever since Anna came in direct contact in him, she couldn’t stop thinking of him too.

” God am I possessed or what?” She asked, as she ran her fingers through her hair in frustration.

” Why do I always find myself thinking about him?
Lord you know that I’ve tried really hard to keep my heart in check but this still happens.

I’ve prayed against it, but the more I pray, the greater it becomes.

What can I do now?” She asked.

” Hold your peace and know that he is God” a man of God who was preaching on the TV in her room said, and that was immediately after she asked the question.

” Okay” she replied.

Eva was seriously preparing for her wedding, and Anna made sure she was able to help as much as she could.

One of the days when she went to Eva’s house, she felt she should let her know of what was happening to her.

” Mhm! Mhm!!” She cleared her throat.

Eva looked curiously at her.
She knew there was something she wanted to say.

” What’s up girl?
Is there something you want to talk about?” She asked.

” Yeah” she replied.

” Okay then, I’m listening” she said.

” Eva, you know that new guy that attends our church right?” She began.

” Which new guy?” She asked.

“You know there are many new guys in the church,so be specific” she told Anna.

” One very handsome one like that.
He’s chocolate in complexion, he’s quite tall and keeps full hair” she described him.

” Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! That guy who came some weeks ago.
The one who almost every lady was talking about” she finally remembered him.

” Yeah… You’re right” she replied.

” Okay, so what about him?” Eva asked.

” Well, I came across him some weeks back, and we got talking” she said.

” Okay” Eva said.

” He told me about how our drama ministration was a blessing to him and he also commended me for playing the lead role well” she narrated.

” Really? Alright I’m listening” she rolled her eyes suspiciously.

” Why are you making that face?” Anna asked.

” No, nothing oh… I’m only trying to understand something.
Go on” she shrugged.

Anna stared at her for a while and then continued.

” Now, the problem is that ever since that encounter I had with him, I’ve not been myself” she said.

” Explain in details please” she said.

” I.. I… I’ve always been thinking about him day and night.
No matter how hard I try to stop I always do not succeed.

I’ve prayed about it, I’ve cried for deliverance, I’ve tried casting the spirit behind it out, but nothing is working.

Eva I don’t know this guy from anywhere, what if he’s not a human being.
Besides he’s way too handsome for a normal human.

Are you sure you won’t lay hands on me?
Because I’m beginning to get really scared” she said, really worried.

Eva took a good look at her, and burst into a loud laughter.

Anna was surprised.
She was expecting her to proffer solution to the problem on ground, and here she was laughing hard.

” What’s funny?” She asked.

” Everything Anna.
You’re funny” she said and bursted into another round of laughter.

” Infact you don’t only need laying of hands, you need laying of legs as well.
How could you be thinking in that direction?

I don’t know why it always takes long for you to see what I see.

Have you been praying concerning a life partner ever since the’Bro Samson’s incidence’?” She asked.

” Of course nau… Don’t you want me to get married?” She asked.

” Good!
What if he’s the answer you’ve been waiting for?” She asked again.

Anna looked at her and chuckled in amazement.

” Are you serious right now?
Someone I don’t even know from anywhere.
How can that be?” She asked her.

” Well, it’s possible because there’s nothing hard for my God to do.

Besides, since the first day I saw him in church, I’ve had this strong impression in my spirit that he’s yours.

I’ve always wanted to tell you, but I was waiting for the right time you know.
I even dreamt yesterday that you guys were getting married” Eva told her.

” Ah! Eva!” She called in shock.

” Seriously, I’m not joking.
This is reality” she said.

Anna went mute for a while, as she was deep in thoughts.

” Hey” Eva waved at her, jerking her back to reality from the world of thoughts.

” What are you thinking of?

Abi do you want to tell me that you won’t be happy if he becomes your husband?

He’s fine naw..” She teased her.

Anna eyed her.

” So I should get married to him just because he’s fine.

Do you know if he’s a believer?
Mtchww! You’re not serious oh!” She told her.

” Don’t be surprised when you discover that he’s even more spiritual than you are” Eva told her.

” Abeg jare! Let’s talk about your wedding” she said.

She felt relieved after telling Eva of her problem.
Nevertheless, she kept praying to God to lead her aright.


He had resolved that he was going to take a bold step by starting from somewhere.
Time was not on his side, and he needed to make use of the little time he had to spend here.

One cool Saturday morning, after doing all that he was supposed to do, he had a cool bath.

He wore a nice T-shirt, and a blue jean trouser.
He combed his hair and made sure he smelt nice.

After that, he wore his expensive black palms and stood before the table mirror.

He admired himself for a while.

” I’m actually fine oh!” He said, and chuckled softly.

He took one last look at himself, and he was satisfied.

” Yes! I’m ready to go.
Help me Lord” he prayed, and off he went.


Where’s our brother going to, all dressed up?🤔🤔🤔
Let’s discover together 💥

To be continued…

Inspired by the holy Spirit

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©️ Rejoice James Jev

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