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BE MY WIFE | Episode 23

Episode 23


Julia ran into the house one Monday afternoon crying profusely.
She came along with her personal belongings.

” Jesus Christ! Julia what is this? Did that fool do this to you again?” Her mother rushed out of the room.

She held Julia’s face in her hands carefully observing her.

Her left eye was swollen and almost blinded as a result of the slap her husband gave her on the face.

Her lips were swollen and bleeding, and she sustained bruises and cuts all over her body.

She was heavily pregnant too.

” Talk to me Julia, who did this?” Her mother asked curiously.

” It’s my husband” she replied, sobbing heavily.

” Jesus Christ!” She exclaimed.

” He did this to you even after seeing your condition?” She asked.

Julia nodded.

Her mother was mad about it.
She stormed out of the living room and went inside her room.
Julia watched, wondering what she was up to this time.

After a few minutes, she came out fully dressed.

” Get up! We’re going to the police station now.
Let me show them what that bastard did to you.
I’ll make sure I have him arrested today!” She said with an air of finality.

” Mummy don’t waste your time.
I overheard him talking with one of his mistresses on the phone.

They were planning on travelling together today, and it was when I tried to confront him that I got the beating of my life” she explained.

” By the time he was done with beating me up, he left with his luggage.

That was when I got the chance to run out with some of my things.
I just hope nothing is wrong with my child” she said, and broke into tears once more.

Her mother dropped into the sofa, disappointed.

She wanted to teach the fool a lesson of his life.
She wondered why she never saw the impending doom that loomed over her daughter.

She was probably concerned about other less important things.

He looked harmless at first, and she thought he was going to be the best husband for her daughter.
He had proved her wrong now.

She was frustrated.

” Let’s go to the hospital.
You need a check up, and treatment as well” she told her.

She helped her up, as the weight of her pregnancy restricted her from moving easily and off they went to the hospital.

When Anna returned home in the evening, she learnt of all that took place, and she wasn’t happy about it.

Julia narrated everything to her.

” He beats me up at the slightest provocation, he keeps late nights, he drinks and sleeps around too.

I’m tired Anna!
I’m really tired.

If I knew this was how my marriage would turn out to be, I’d have remained single.

I really miss my single days, my days of freedom Anna.
I wish I listened to you, I wish I gave your words a second thought.

I saw them.
I saw the red flags, but I thought he would change when we get married.

Now I discovered otherwise.
I’ve failed, and it’s too late to turn back now” Julia said as she wept.

” It’s okay Julia.
I know you must be going through a lot now, but don’t worry everything would be fine” she placed her hands on her shoulder.

” When would that be Anna?
When?” She asked.

” Soon!
I’ll keep praying for you and I urge you to also begin to pray for the intervention of God in your marriage.
I believe all will be well, okay?” She said.

” Okay” she replied, sniffing in.

” I’ll be staying here till I get delivered of my child.
I’m grateful nothing is wrong with the baby, and I won’t go back there to let him kill me and my child together” she said.

” Hmm… Okay” Anna said.

She imagined being married and wishing to be single.
That was the last thing she ever wanted to happen to her.

For some minutes, she appreciated the gift of singlehood.
She was going to cherish her single days as it was a period she would not be in forever.

She had to be intentional about what she did in her single days, that would make it worthwhile.


Johnson was greatly disturbed.
As the days went by, the whole situation became almost unbearable.

” Oh God! What is wrong with me?” He asked.

Every night, as he prayed for the will of God concerning marriage, all he kept seeing was her face.
He wondered if God was saying something to him about her.

” But how Lord? I don’t know her from Adam?” He thought, but then he remembered that the ways of God were different from the ways of men.

He needed clarity on this issue.
Or was his coming here divinely orchestrated by God in order to give him his life partner? He thought.

He needed to be very careful because he didn’t want his new relationship to be like the previous two.

They didn’t go well as expected, and they both ended in ways that left him heart-broken.

He didn’t want a repitition of events, and so he wanted to tread carefully this time.
He kept praying fervently asking God to guide him aright.

As time went on, he began to receive some signals.

There was a knowing in his spirit that she was his wife.

It was so strong in his spirit that he couldn’t deny it, but he kept on pressing on in the place of prayer.
He wanted to be sure that he knew what he was going into.

One night, while praying concerning the matter, he slept off.

He had a dream.

In the dream, he saw himself in a garden where he was working.
Then he saw an elderly man who walked up to him with a woman whose face was veiled.

The man took the hand of the woman and placed it in his palms.

” Sir please, why are you giving her to me?” He asked the man.

The elderly man unveiled her, and he discovered she was Anna.
His eyes widened in shock.

“Read Genesis 2:23-24″ the man told him and left.

He woke up from the dream at a start.

” What does this mean Lord?” He asked.

He quickly grabbed his Bible and turned to the passage where he was directed to.

” Then the man said:

This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.

She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man.

Therefore, a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh” he read aloud.

A surge of excitement flowed through his entire being.

This was another confirmation that she was his wife.

He offered a prayer of Thanksgiving to God for the revelation.

He felt at peace.

” Lord, please grant me wisdom on how to go about the next phase” he prayed.

To be continued…

Inspired by the holy Spirit

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©️ Rejoice James Jev

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