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BE MY WIFE | Episode 2

The next morning, Anna woke up and saw Julia preparing for work.

“Julia” she called.

” Good morning Anna” she responded.

” Morning… When did you come back yesterday?” She asked.

” Well, I don’t think that should bother you.
I’m old enough to take care of myself so you shouldn’t keep worrying about me”she told her.

” Okay, if you say so.
I was just concerned” she said, heading for the bathroom.

By the time she was out of the bathroom, Julia had already gone out.

That was her normal daily routine and so it wasn’t surprising.

She would leave the house very early and return very late even when everyone knew that work usually closed for the day by 6pm.

Being their mum’s favorite, she was never asked why she kept late nights but she’d rather be given a warm reception by their mum whenever she arrived.

Anna was already running late, so she quickly said her prayers and had a quick breakfast before leaving for work.

” Good morning sister” Esther greeted as she came out from her room already dressed for school.

” Morning Esther, hope you slept well?” She replied as she rushed her meal.

” Yes I did, what about sister Julia?
Did she come home last night?” She inquired as she fixed her breakfast.

” Yes she came back, but she has left for work” Anna replied.

” Hmm…. I wonder who’s even worst when it comes to returning home late between Dad and sister Julia” she muttered in displeasure.

They both went to greet their parents in their room but it seemed they were still asleep and so they went their ways.

As soon as she got to her shop, she found her customer already waiting for her.

” Oh my God! I’m so sorry ma. I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting” she apologized to the woman who was wearing a not so friendly look.

” It’s alright” the lady mumbled.
She quickly went in and brought the already packaged cake for her.

” Here it is ma” she handed the cake over to her.

The woman loved what she was seeing and was impressed.

” I love it” she said, finally managing to smile for the first time that morning.

” Thank you ma” she said, with a smile spread across her lips.

She was paid at the spot, and the woman left.

She was happy and went in to clean up before continuing from where she had stopped the previous day.

She sang joyfully as she went about her activities.

She settled down in preparation to begin her work when a figure blocked the rays of light coming in from the doorway.

” Knock knock!” A masculine voice spoke and she looked up.

” Oh no! Not again” she muttered under her breath.

” Hello beauty… Good golden morning” he said.

” Good morning” she replied .
She was obviously tired of his constant pestering but it seemed he wasn’t sensitive enough to notice it.

” Hope you slept well?” He asked.

” Yeah” she answered .

” You look great today” he complimented her looks.

” Thank you” she replied, already tired of replying him.
She was actually a beauty to behold and was complimented by people most of the time.

” Can I sit?” He asked again.

” Huhhh! Sit” she said.
She was tired of talking.

He went on talking and talking while she continued with her activities paying little or almost no attention to what he was saying.

He talked too much for her liking.

She was tired of having him around but she couldn’t possibly chase him away.

She wondered if he was thinking that by always calling and coming around, she would change her mind about his proposal, because it wasn’t even going to work.

After staying for some time, he finally decided to leave.

” Alright…. I think I should be taking my leave now” he said as he stood up.

” Okay, bye” she said almost immediately.
It was a relieving information.

” Okay till next time” he said and she waved him goodbye.

” Huh! God! What kind of man is this, shey na by force?” She asked rhetorically.

She worked till it was evening and she was finally done with all the unfinished projects.

” Thank God” she said, stretching out.
Since there was nothing to keep her till late in the night, she began to lock up and made for home.

She was happily humming a song all the way home.

On reaching the house, she was surprised to see Julia at home already.

She saw the happiness on her face and their mother’s face and she wondered what the reason behind it was.

They exchanged pleasantries and she joined them in the sitting room.

” Why are you guys so happy?” She asked, amused.

” Guess what!” Julia said amidst smiles.

” Please I can’t guess, just tell me” Anna replied.

” Okay…. Here!” She exclaimed, showing her the engagement ring on her finger.

” My fiance proposed today,and I accepted”.

” Wow! Congratulations juliee… I’m so happy for you” she embraced her happily.

” This is great news, but wait… Did you pray about it?” She asked out of concern.

” Abeg forget that one.
This guy is the man for me and I know it because my instincts tell me so.
I’m very sure”she said in defence.

” You should be happy for your sister and not asking irrelevant questions there.
That’s probably the reason why you aren’t married yet.

If you like keep selecting men, in case you don’t know, time is no longer on your side.
You’re not a man you’re a woman so you’re at the receiving end.

You better do something better with your life before it’s too late” she said, hurting her feelings.

” Julia come let me show you something sef” she went to her room with Julia behind her.

Anna just sat speechless.
She was hurt by her mother’s words and she ran inside her room as tears almost dropped from her eyes.

To be continued…

Inspired by the holy Spirit

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©️ Rejoice James Jev

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