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BE MY WIFE | Episode 10

Episode 10

“Mum, good evening ma” she greeted.

She didn’t need to be told she was upset.

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” Where are you coming from?” She asked angrily.


” Mum I had already told you I was going out with a friend” she answered.


” And was that the reason why you had to chase that young man out with your rude and saucy attitude?” She asked with a raised voice.


” I didn’t chase anyone away mum, he probably left on his own” she protested.


” He left on his own. Can you hear yourself?” She asked her.


” But mum, why do you want to frustrate me?

See the way he was looking.


Like a street guy.


Mummy, at God’s set time I’ll get married and no force would be able to stop me” she said.


” You’re such a foolish girl.

You don’t have common sense.


I’m trying to help you and you’re behaving anyhow.


It’s not your fault, I don’t blame you at all.


By the time you clock forty and you are still single, you’ll come running to me but by then it would be too late.


Nonsense!” She stormed out of the living room.


” By forty I would have had all my kids already, by God’s grace” she muttered under her breath, as she left for her room.


She wasn’t going to let anything steal her joy.


Esther noticed she was unusually excited.


” What’s up sis?” She asked, following her to the room.


” What’s up with what?” She asked.


” I mean, you’re very excited today.

Is there any good news?” She asked, eager to hear what she had to say.


” Don’t worry you won’t understand.

I’m just happy” she said.


” Are you sure?” She asked.


” Yeah” she replied.


” Okay oh” she said, although she felt there was more to be explained.


” Let me go to my room” she told her, and left.


Anna was grateful.

She had given her sometime to have her privacy.


She quickly dialed Eva’s number.


” Hello girl, good evening” Anna said.


” Good evening Anna, how far ? She responded.


” I’m fine oh, how are you doing?” She asked.


” I’m fine too.

Are you guys already back from the date?” Eva asked.


” Hangout you mean?” She corrected.


” Whatever you call it.

Are you guys back?” She asked.


” Yeah” she replied.


” Ehen!” She said in satisfaction.

This was the moment she was waiting for.


” So what happened?”Eva asked.


Her ears itched to be fed.


” My dear you were right oh!” She told her.


” Are you serious?” Eva asked in surprise.


” Yes” she answered.


She narrated all what happened, and Eva was very happy for her.


” Oh my God! Tell me this is a dream!” Eva screamed in excitement.


” I’m telling you. This is reality” she replied with a smile.


” Wow! Wow!! This is great news girl.

I’m very happy for you ” she rejoiced with her.


” Thank you dearie” she responded.


” Okay, make sure you pray about it oh” she advised.


” Yeah, I sure will” she replied.


“Alright bye… Goodnight” She yawned aloud.


” Okay… Good night” she said too.


Throughout the night, Anna couldn’t stop thinking of all that took place earlier, and the memories brought smiles to her face.


She could already imagine what getting married to him would be like, and the butterflies in her belly increased.


This was the exact kind of man she ever wanted.


Nevertheless, she was going to seek the face of God on the matter.

Only at his command would she move an inch into this relationship.


Samson was wise enough to give her some space and time in order for her to hear from God clearly concerning his proposal.


He prayed he would get a positive response from her, because that would mean the whole world to him.


They had known each other for a while, and she was the kind of woman he would love to spend the rest of his life with.


He only hoped that she loved him as much as he loved her.


Anna prayed seriously concerning the proposal.

She had never prayed this much concerning other proposals like the way she prayed about this one.


She also embarked on a one week fast.

She hoped she would get a go-ahead this time, but she tried hard not to let her emotions becloud her senses.


A few days later, she met with Eva in church.


” Anna have you received anything yet?” She inquired.


” No I’ve not oh” Anna replied.


” Really?” She asked.


” Yes, and I’m beginning to get worried.

It has never taken me this long to hear from God concerning issues like this, and I don’t know why this is different” she explained.


” Don’t worry, God is in control okay?

I will advise you to be more attentive.

He probably has been speaking to you.


Just keep seeking him and keep being open and receptive.

I believe you’d hear him one of these days” she encouraged her.


” Okay, thank you.

I appreciate you” she expressed her gratitude.


She kept praying, and being expectant.


Then one day, as she fellowshiped and prayed, boom! The answer came, loud and clear.


What did she hear?


Find out!


To be continued…


Inspired by the holy Spirit

Photo credit: Google

©️ Rejoice James Jev


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