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BE MY WIFE | Episode 1

Anna had just returned home after a long day at her shop.

She was really exhausted and really needed rest.

She walked sluggishly towards the balcony of her house and knocked on the door.

“Who’s there?” Her younger sister, Esther asked from inside.

” It’s me oh” she mumbled drowsily.

Esther made towards the door and opened it.

” Sister welcome” she said as she embraced her and collected her bag.

” Thank you” she replied, almost in whispers.

” You sound tired. Come and have your bath, I’ve already heated some water for you” Esther noticing that she was greatly fatigued, told her.

” Wow! You did? Thank you so much dear, you just made my night” her face lit up in amazement and joy as she spoke.

” You’re welcome ” Esther replied with a smile.

” Errm…where is…” Anna was about to ask when their mother called Esther from her room.

” Ma” she replied and went in.

Anna followed behind to greet her before going to her room.

“Who were you opening the door for?” She asked Esther.

” It was sister Anna” she replied, and just then she walked in.

” Mummy good evening ma” she greeted.

” Evening… So why are you coming home this late? It’s already a few minutes past eight” she said as she laid on her bed.

” Mummy I had to finish today’s work before coming back because my customer is coming to take it very early in the morning” she explained.

” And hope you are done with Mama Dozie’s cake too?” She asked again.

” I should be done with it by tomorrow by the grace of God” she said.

” You better do oh” she told her.

” Yes ma” she replied, and left for her room.

Esther followed her behind happily.

” Where’s Julia ?” Anna asked.

” She’s not yet back from her outing” she answered.

” Okay” she said, and went to take a shower.

Julia was the second child of the Edets, while Anna was the first and Esther the last.

They were only three girls.

Anna and Julia were done with their education while Esther was a final year student of secondary school.

Anna had not yet gotten a job since she graduated from school.

She was grateful that she was able to learn catering upon her graduation from secondary school because that was where her present source of income came from.

Julia on the other hand got a job immediately she was done with school and she was well paid.
She was her mother’s favorite, and they bonded so well.

Esther and Anna were also very close and this was as a result of Anna’s warm and accommodating nature.

She got to learn a lot of things from her and so she loved being around her.

” Dad isn’t back yet right?” She asked Esther who was on her bed as she came out from the bathroom.

” No. I’m sure that by now he’d have drank himself to stupor” she responded.

” Huh! May God deliver him” she shrugged.

Their Dad was a business man.
After work every evening, he would go to a beer palour and take some shots.
They kept praying and hoping he would change one day.

” Sister Anna ” she called.

” Yes” she replied.

” There’s something I want to tell you about” she continued.

” Alright, I’m all ears” she said.

” There’s this boy in my class that has been asking me out for sometime now but I’ve refused to give in.
But… I like him and I think I am beginning to reconsider his request even though I have this impression that it’s not the best option” she said.

Anna had been listening aptly and was calm all through.

” First of all, I commend you for deeming it fit to tell me of your struggles rather than going to seek advice from your peers, because they might mislead you.

Look, all of those feelings are normal and you shouldn’t feel bad for getting attracted to this guy.

But you must be mindful not to let your feelings control you.

Right now you have to focus on your studies and God.

There would be enough time for you to go into a relationship much later but for now just do well to stay focused and trust God to help you okay?” She advised.

” Yes, thank you so much. I feel much better now.
I really appreciate you” she said in gratitude.

” You’re welcome” she replied with a smile.

Just then, a call came in.

She stared blankly at the phone and watched as it rang.

She had politely told this guy that she couldn’t accept his proposal but he wouldn’t just let her be.

Always calling her from dusk till dawn as if that was going to make her change her mind.

” Your phone is ringing” she told her.

” I know” she replied.

” But you’re not picking up” Esther said.

” Yeah, that’s because I don’t want to.
Just forget about it and let’s pray.

I’m so exhausted now and I need some sleep” she said, keeping the phone away.

” Okay” she obliged.

They both said their prayers and retired to bed.

Anna was a passionate lover of God, a well behaved young lady, and was also of a marriageable age yet, she wasn’t even in a relationship not to talk of getting married.

Many young men had come her way but whenever she went to God concerning any of them all she got was a big ” NO “, and she wasn’t going to go ahead without his consent.

She had made up her mind to patiently wait for his perfect will for her no matter how long it was going to take.

However, the future was full of surprises,and she would have to either let go of her beliefs and convictions or hold on to them.

But would God forsake his own?

To be continued…

Inspired by the holy spirit

Photo credit: Google

©️ Rejoice James Jev

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