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I remember when I was growing up,I was attending a primary School quite far away from where we lived as a family,we had challenges with transportation,so we found respite,with some other family living in our area ,we usually followed them to school in THIER car,a lot went on,many times they would intimidate me and sometimes bully me.
One day THIER vehicle broke down,and they arranged for public transport to bring them home,as a child who didn’t think deep I foolishly followed them! On arrival I met THIER mum looking sternly at me,I froze like a ROCK!

WHERE IS YOUR TRANSPORT FARE? I was confused and disalutioned! I ran home in fear to my mum who wasn’t prepared for this due to our struggling state,she ran around gave me the coin and I ran back to the woman and fearfully gave her my transport fare

Not too long after I moved to Lagos! Things changed! I attended a nice private school,They drive me to school with a company bus!

When my friends sight my bus coming,all the struggling children we rush, ADEYEMIS BUS HAS ARRIVED! The company driver would want to stop them I will say NO! I have been there before!NO CONDITION LAST FOREVER,LIVE AND LET LIVE!

Written By: Evang. Joseph Adepoju

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