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ALBUM: Gaise Baba – A Decade After

The full-length project A Decade After is the most anticipated project of Akinade Ibuoye popularly known as Gaise Baba, who beyond music circles is perceived as a Culture Influencer and young shaper who keeps hundreds of thousands of youths in Nigeria away from delinquency, drugs and school truancy etc., through urban Christian music communicated in his native Yoruba language and English as well as his social outreaches; LightOut High-School Movement and ARAMANDA Festival.


The album is acclaimed as Gaise Baba’s most anticipated project since Logo (The EP) was released in September 2020. The “Logo” crooner’s debut album “Gaise Baba” was released under Sanctified Records in 2011 and produced by Emmanuel Malaka(Manie X).


For myriad Gaise Baba’s fans and new audiences, this sophomore album is expected to stimulate a new dimension of creativity and depth from the thought leader, showing his metamorphosis from a budding singer to a fully-grown master of his art, utilizing different art forms and sounds, creating an immersive youthful culture in the Nigerian Christian music space, a trail he has been blazing since his stint at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) as an Economics major. Viral hits like “Awa O Tush Oh”, “Dobale”, “Little Drops” and the most recently, “Logo” are some of the songs which have placed Gaise Baba as a distinct artist, since his official entry into the music industry in 2010.

With excellent production from ID Cabasa, DJ Klem, Tbabz and Password, Gaise Baba takes us once again on a musical journey of ecclesiastical proportions.


The 13-track album which comprises varying sounds ranging from Afrobeats, Afropop, rap and vintage African soulful sounds, starts off on a gentle vibe with “Surely”, a hopeful track where Gaise Baba expresses his appreciation to God even as he looks ahead with assurance to greatness that will surely manifest. Eje (Blood) is a reminder that none of life’s challenges or perils withstand the power in the blood of Jesus Christ. On “Ready” featuring Nosa, Gaise Baba reiterates his commitment to following the way of the Lord, as he has done, penultimate.

“Questions” featuring Tobi Toun is a rap song where the artist touches on major issues of faith and devotion. “Olulana”, explains the plight of a husband acknowledging his need for God’s help in leading his home right. “Everything”, featuring Angeloh, ushers a youthful Indy – soul vibe as they both admit that with God’s help, they can overcome all things!

Enter track 7, “Emergency”, Gaise Baba activates his storytelling prowess as he shares the dilemma of infidelity, a viral trend on our time line. “Titilai” (Forever) is a remake of his previously released single; love song, a fresh live performance of the track. “Elijah Level “featuring Izee Smith brings that consciousness that everyone in life has their time and one’s time will surely come. “Gbagbe Oshi” is a live version of one of his epic songs from LOUNGE 464(, the ultimate Gaise Baba live music experience hosted monthly in Lagos and Abuja.

“Ojonlo” (Translated in English as Time slipping away) is a song rendered in Yoruba where Gaise Baba extends a call to salvation for listeners living without Christ. The last track on the album “Wonbiliki Wobia”, captures Gaise Baba’s storytelling skills yet again as he speaks truth to power and opens up on macro social-economic issues under developing the nation state of Nigeria.


With over a decade in the music industry, one truth shines through; this Berklee College of Music product has evolved and is a constant reminder of one of the vanguards of a prosperous nation: Freedom and truth. Gaise Baba has proven that he’s able to blend and evolve his sound with the times, and that has made this album a masterpiece as he keeps using his music to uplift and inspire all cadres and sections of our society with the warmth of Christ’s love.

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