I own a small construction business and primarily rehab homes and do “handyman” work.

At 9:30 on a cold, crisp morning I was working at a vacant house in a bad part of town. I was nearing the end of the planned rehab which now meant loading my tools into my work truck that was parked by the curb in front of the house.

I had taken an arm load from the house and was depositing the tools into an opened box at the rear of the truck. Totally unexpectedly a young woman walked past on the sidewalk. She was bundled in a winter coat, wearing sweat pants and her hair was stuffed under a knit hat.

“Good morning”, she said.

“Hi”, I replied.

“Happen to have any work I could do? I have have two kids that I am trying to feed.”

I explained that I was done on this job and heading across town to start another and I apologized. She moved off the sidewalk and was now standing to my left.

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“Are you a policeman?”, she asked.


“Well I do ‘tricks’ too, if you’re interested” , she informed me.

Since I work in that part of town quite often, I knew a “trick” was slang for what a prostitute does.

I kind of dropped my shoulders in disbelief.

“What’s your name?”, I asked.


“Well Desiree, have you ever heard of Jesus?” I could see the question stunned her.

“Yes. I used to go to a church a few blocks from here” (and she named the church).

I was familiar with the denomination and knew she would have heard of Jesus there.

“You know Desiree – you’re obviously very pretty and from the way you talk, God has given you a good brain. Also Desiree, you love your kids so God has placed in you a good heart. Would you say thats right?” I asked.

“Yeah – I’d say that right”

I came to the point. “Well, if God’s done all that for you, don’t you think you owe Him more than doing ‘tricks’?”

She was obviously taken back.

“You’re probably right.”

I gave her some money and told her to use that to buy her kids some food, but know that God expects her to change her profession.

With that she left and I prayed that God would some day give an increase.

I Corinthians 3:6 “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.”

As you think of it, please pray for Desiree!

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