9 in 10 Evangelicals Don’t Think Sermons Are Too Long

9 in 10 Evangelicals Don’t Think Sermons Are Too Long
9 in 10 Evangelicals Don’t Think Sermons Are Too Long

Despite recent congregational splits, churchgoers express high levels of satisfaction in a study.

Here’s some good news from the pews at a time when pastors are under a lot of stress: Evangelical churchgoers are generally content with how things are going at their churches.

Most people believe the sermons aren’t overly long, but they would like to hear more in-depth teaching from the leaders. They aren’t concerned by a lot of giving messages. They do not believe that social issues or politics play a significant influence in education.

According to the Congregational Scorecard, a new poll of evangelical churchgoers in the United States performed by Grey Matter Research & Consulting and Infinity Concepts.

According to the survey, around three-quarters of respondents are content with their congregation’s approach to various aspects of church life and would not want it to alter.

The following are some of the findings:

The length of their sermons and the length of the service satisfy 85 percent of those polled.
88 percent are satisfied with the frequency with which the church solicits tithes and gifts.
74% enjoy the service’s style, while the rest are split between those who prefer more traditional and those who prefer more contemporary.
The researchers found, “By and large, churches are doing a pretty excellent job of offering evangelicals what they want to experience.” The study was limited to evangelicals who attend worship services at least once a month.

Those who believe sermons should be shorter are simply wrong.

Few young churchgoers are tired with preaching, according to Grey Matter; only 10% of those under 40 want shorter sermons. 11 percent of people aged 70 and up want the pastor to preach for less time.

Younger evangelicals, in particular, are more likely to desire their churches to provide more in-depth teaching. Evangelicals under 40 are twice as likely as those over 40 to demand greater content from the pulpit (39 percent vs. 20%).

According to the Grey Matter report, “almost no evangelical churchgoers wish their church would lighten up a little on [in-depth teaching], but three out of ten would want more of it.” “Perhaps it’s time for some church leaders to press a little harder in terms of the level of teaching they’re providing.”

Political message was the top thing individuals who don’t go to church very often (once a month or fewer) want change about it; 35% indicated they wanted less politics.

Evangelicals were twice as likely as non-evangelicals to say they desire their church to engage more in social issues (19% vs. 9%), but 72 percent were satisfied with how their church dealt with such issues. Younger evangelicals (25%) and African American evangelicals (34%), in particular, wanted social issues to be discussed more.

Source: Gospelly.Com.Ng

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