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3 Things To Note About The Nature Of God – Dr Paul Enenche

Dr Paul Enenche is the founder and presiding Pastor of the Abuja based Dunamis International Gospel Centre. The cleric has shared a message on the official Facebook page of the ministry on a message tilted, The Rising Glory Form Generation To Generation. In the message, he has revealed 3 distinctive things about the nature of God as applicable to how He manifests Himself in the life of believers.

The cleric has reveals 3 things to know about the nature of God;

1. God Is A God Of Action And Motion

The cleric has shared the nature of God in regards to how He moved the Israelites from the house of bondage in Egypt from the scriptures in Exodus 14:13-16, to their promised land in Canaanland. He is not a God Who is static or stagnant

2. God Is A God Of New Things

As promised In Isa. 43:19, He Is a God of new things; new beginnings, advancements, connections and series of good things for His beloved children. God never runs out of news; news never ends in God

3. God is a God of increasing dimensions of manifestation. We serve the God of more and more, the God of strength to strength, the God of faith to faith, the God of glory to glory, and the God of depth to depth

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